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A man in a Satan devil costume embraces a woman in a white dress.

8 DAYS AGO | 4.12.2024

Satanic Kidnapping and the Mysterious Origin of Bridesmaids

Why do bridesmaids have to wear ugly over-the-top dresses, and where did this wedding tradition originate? Learn about the mysterious history of the bridesma...

Smiling bridesmaids stand next to a happy bride on the wedding day.

1012 DAYS AGO | 7.13.2021

Ask a Bridesmaid to Get Ordained to Serve as a Backup Officiant

Want to avoid wedding day disasters? Ask a bridesmaid or another member of the wedding party to serve as a backup wedding officiant. Ask them to get ordained...

Bride walks down the aisle with her two grandmothers, one on either side. They smile and link arms, posing for a happy photo

1165 DAYS AGO | 2.10.2021

Bride asks grandmothers to be bridesmaids when Covid shrinks guest list, and ...

Irish couple asks Grandmothers to serve as bridesmaids, providing inspiration for others adapting their small guest lists during the Covid pandemic.

Photo of men and a woman standing outside posing for the wedding party photo, they are wearing coordinating suits and dress shirts for a wedding

1927 DAYS AGO | 1.10.2019

Bridesmen and Groomsmaids: Tips for Planning an Unconventional Wedding Ceremony

More couples are choosing unconventional gender roles for their wedding parties, this article explains the history behind this trend, and gives planning tips.


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