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A man stands in the water smiling after his baptism. He is wearing a dark shirt and is waist deep in the water.

1051 DAYS AGO | 8.6.2021

What to Wear (and Not Wear) to a Baptism

Learn what to wear to a baptism -- as a guest, to perform a baptism, or when being baptized -- and what not to wear!

1058 DAYS AGO | 7.30.2021

How to Baptize Someone (and Why They Might Ask You To)

Learn about baptism, including how to baptize someone in water, its meaning in Christianity, answers to common questions, who can perform baptism, and exampl...

1065 DAYS AGO | 7.23.2021

Spiritual Bathing - Performing Ritual Baths for Yourself & Others

Spiritual baths and ritual bathing have been used by cultures and faiths throughout history, including Hindus, Christians, and Pagans. Learn to prepare and p...


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