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Biker Ceremony

The Wedding of Penny C & Todd A

Officiated by Lori Prashker-Thomas, CPWO in Effort, Pennsylvania on July 25th, 2020.


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Penny C And Todd A’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

OFFICIANT: We have come together today to witness and celebrate the wedding of Penny & Todd. Penny & Todd have been riding together for 5 years and their experience of that togetherness has led them here today, to make a public pronouncement that they have each "found the one", and luckily, for them, it is each other.


When you say to the other, “I love you,” what you are saying is, “Hold on tight, the ride is long.”

Be understanding of your partner’s needs. Hold each other in the highest regard. Have a sense of humor as you meet life’s challenges. Honor one another when you are together or apart. Respect each other’s differences. Enjoy the good times and endure the storms. When your heart and the wide-open roads call you, follow just to see what awaits you. Do not be afraid to satisfy your dreams with new and different experiences. Make your dreams come true, together…Most of all, love one another… and the realization of the meaning of that

beautiful promise “To have and to hold…”


At this time, I would like to share an appropriate poem, called “Come Ride with Me.”

Come join with me stay by my side

Hop on board let’s take a ride

Hold on tight, the ride is long.

Come ride with me where you belong.

Come aboard my horse of steel

Hold me close and let me feel

The need in you as strong as mine.

Come ride with me, we’ll be just fine

Come take a ride and trust in me

We’ll ride as one for all to see.

OFFICIANT: Penny & Todd, are you ready now to make your vows to each other?

PENNY & TODD: "We are".



I love you more than the wind whipping through my hair (STOP & REPEAT)

but never ask me to take back seat while you drive, (STOP & REPEAT)

and we will be happy forever. (STOP & REPEAT)

I will love you and take you anywhere we can ride on two wheels, (STOP & REPEAT)

please take my heart and ride with me. (STOP & REPEAT)


I love the way that I can snuggle up with you on the bike, (STOP & REPEAT)

being with you, (STOP & REPEAT)

holding you tightly as you take the turns tightly, (STOP & REPEAT)

I can feel a connection with you, (STOP & REPEAT)

with your spirit, and I love that feeling. (STOP & REPEAT)

I want to hold you forever, (STOP & REPEAT)

riding off down any highway we come to, (STOP & REPEAT)

Our love will take us through any weather, (STOP & REPEAT)


OFFICIANT: May I have the rings please?

Rings are a precious metal; they are also made precious by us wearing them.

Your rings are special as they enhance who you are. They mark the beginning of your long journey together. Your ring is a circle, a symbol of love never-ending. It is the seal of the vows you have just taken to love each other with no end.

Todd, please place the ring you have chosen for Penny on her left hand and repeat after me:

I offer you this ring as a symbol of my love. (STOP & REPEAT)

Penny, please place the ring you have chosen for Todd on his left hand and repeat after me:

Todd, I offer you this ring as a symbol of my love. (STOP & REPEAT)


TODD & PENNY may your love grow ever stronger as you share your lives together, and may your future be even more wonderful than you ever dreamed possible. You have made these promises to one another before me, your friends and family, and the world. As you go forward in your new life together, we wish you nothing but love and happiness!" I now pronounce you husband and wife in love and in law

Todd, you may now kiss your bride.

By the authority vested in me by American Marriage Ministries and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I now pronounce you husband and wife!


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