Richard Scott

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Perfect Match

The Wedding of Jennifer De Jesus & Troy Powell

Officiated by Richard Scott at Loxahatchee in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida on October 12th, 2019.


"The perfect Match Wedding! They met on and fell in love... "

Richard Scott


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Jennifer De Jesus And Troy Powell’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


What a greater thing for two people than to feel they are joined together, to strengthen each other in labor, to rest on each other in sorrow, to help each other in need, to share joy and to be one with each other in whatever life has to offer.

This is a special time of celebration that Jennifer and Troy will long remember and because of this they are thankful you are all here today to share in their joy…

In May of 2012 a man from Stuart, Florida and a woman from Queens, New York found their perfect match. They are the poster couple of It is indisputable proof that it really works! Who knew that when they built their profiles, they would discover everything they find so important in each other? Whether it is fishing, taking walks, going to the beach, swimming, going to parks, enjoying movies on an extensive DVD collection or going to the drive-in in Lake Worth, this couple was meant to be together. What brings us all here today is this perfect match; they do everything together because they have an amazing relationship. Without a doubt, they are each other’s best friend.

Today we have gathered friends and family to celebrate the love and union of Jennifer and Troy. They have asked each of you here to be a part of this ceremony as they make a lifelong commitment to each other.

Jennifer and Troy, today you are here to join both of your lives together. These two separate vases of sand symbolize your disconnected lives before you found each other. They symbolize your separate friends, family, and choices.

Today, both of you will seal your bond by combining these two individual vases together. Once the sand is blended together, it cannot be separated. Just as the sand cannot be separated, your friends and family are here today to witness your love always connected.

By blending these sands together, we are recognizing the importance of uniting two families together. May you always honor and protect your family.


This is my prayer for this perfect couple. Lord of the universe Jennifer and Troy bring thee a thankful heart and a humble spirit, because of the grace which has been shown to them all the days of their life.

They are thankful to their parents, Joe and Anne, Malcolm and Sheryl, grandparents including Grandma Kathryn, Troy’s sister Holly, Jennifer’s brother Joe, family and friends for all they have done for Jennifer and Troy throughout the years. They are mindful of the love and care which their families have furnished them. They are richer for hopes and prayers which their family and friends have voiced on their behalf. May the inspiration of their presence, the encouragement of their love and the joy of their nearness help to guide Jennifer and Troy in the path of righteousness all the days of their lives. May God bless Jennifer and Troy and all those that have come here to make this wedding so meaningful!

Lord hear my prayer.


Declaration of Intent

Jennifer and Troy please hold hands. You are about to make your promise to one another, You will find that as you live by these vows over the years investing in time, love, and commitment the happy times of your life will be twice as joyous because you share these joys in marriage.

Troy will you take Jennifer whose hand you hold choosing her alone to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you love her and comfort her through good times and bad, in sickness and health, honoring her at all times and being faithful to her?

I DO (Troy)

Jennifer will you take Troy whose hand you hold choosing him alone to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love him and comfort him through good times and bad, in sickness and health, honoring him at all times and being faithful to him?

I DO (Jennifer)

Ring Exchange

The Ring, an unbroken circle represents unending love.

Troy please place the ring on Jennifer’s finger and repeat after me…

I give you this ring with the pledge to love you today, tomorrow, always and forever.

Jennifer please place the ring on Troy’s’ finger and repeat after me…

I give you this ring with the pledge to love you today, tomorrow, always and forever.


Troy and Jennifer, you have pledged your faith to each other in the company of two wonderful families and friends.

Now by the power vested in me by the state of Florida…

I now pronounce you married, Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride…

Ladies and gentleman I am proud to present for the first time-

The newlyweds-

Troy and Jennifer

Go in peace and love.


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