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Amy Rokstar Viccari

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Surprise Renewal

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The Renewal of vows of
Asia Gindes & Robert Gindes

Officiated by Amy Rokstar Viccari at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Florida on September 8th, 2019.


"As always, this couple made me feel like part of the family! Their fun loving hearts and spirits made this evening memorable."

- Amy Rokstar Viccari -


Asia Gindes And Robert Gindes’ Renewal Of Vows Wedding Ceremony Script

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Welcome back to the party!!

We all had so much fun last year, watching you guys exchange vows and commit to the party. We were all so pleased that you both stayed for the whole ceremony, too!

Wow, you’ve made it an entire year! I bet you’ve both learned a LOT along the way. I’m sure you’ve also witnessed, first hand what I meant, when I said, “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to ride, it’s time to reflect and reassess.

With that being said:


Asia, this time you’re in the hot seat

(Whisper to Rob- you’re welcome, lol)

Will you, Asia take Rob to be your husband, your life partner, your best friend, your partner in crime; will you love, honor, and cherish her as long as you live?

Asia: I will

WIll you stand by Rob’s side in sickness, in health, in times of prosperity and decline, and in good times, bad times and downright crazy times?

Asia: I will

Do you promise to make Rob smile and giggle, at least once a day?

Asia: I do

Do you vow to be open with your thoughts, comfort him in times of sorrow, and strive for harmony in your marriage with a quiet and gentle spirit?

Asia: I do

Now, Rob; were you paying close attention? cuz you know what I’m a it to ask.

Rob: yes

Good, so you’re game?

Rob: YES!!! I am, and I will!

Perfect! There we have it! Here’s to a life time of anniversaries as memorable as this!

Enjoy your vacation, and congratulations on a lifetime of love.

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