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The Wedding of
Renee Kay Brown & Travis Wade Stuttle

Officiated by Kelli Beth Spedden in Indiana on September 27th, 2018. .


"This was a simple wedding. I was able to marry this couple in the company of the groom's ailing father. We went to the hospital so that they could be the witnesses for this auspicious occasion. A smaller wedding was done with just a few of us in the room, no fancy reception or a ton of guests. After this was completed and their paperwork processed in the courthouse, they were able to move away to Florida, the place of their dreams. They had a small but more extravagant ceremony there to commemorate their wedding. While I could not be part of the second ceremony, they requested these pictures be used, seeing as the groom's parents requested no pictures at the original ceremony. Enjoy!"

- Kelli Beth Spedden -


Renee Kay Brown And Travis Wade Stuttle’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

- Processional:

Wedding party enters

- Invocation:

Well hello to you all! I'm Kelli, and I welcome you to this happy union. I know it's probably colder then you were all expecting, but I guess Fall finally decided to stand up to Summer.(Pause)

Today it's my great pleasure to join together Renee Kay Brown and Travis Wade Stuttle.

But first I'd like to talk to you about life:

Life is an unexpected roller coaster of ups and downs, obstacles and triumphs, all the while along the way, life is about making memories. If you're lucky, it'll be with some amazing friendships and family members and maybe someday, even that special someone.

Life is also full of turns we'd never thought we would take, and moments where we must simply seize the day - Carpe Diem!

Today that is what we aspire to do. We are seizing this moment and this time to bring two people who have chosen each other together, despite hardships and downfalls, to be with one another in a lifetime of matrimony.

- Declaration of Intent:

Now I have a question for the two of you?

Will you both have each other? Through who's turn it is to refill the Keurig to which restaurant would be the best pick for a particular date night. If you both agree please say I do.

(Pause for response)

If no one objects to this union, we will continue on to the vows and the exchanging of rings!

- Vows and Rings Exchange

Now is the time for the vows and exchanging of rings. The rings please.

The groom will go first, and then the bride. You may place your ring on the others finger once you have finished your vows.

- Pronouncement:

And now, by the power vested in me by the state of Indiana, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!

- Recessional:

It's my honor to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Stuttle!


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