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Wedding of John & Jacob

The Wedding of John & Jacob

Officiated by Lori Prashker-Thomas, CPWO at Skyline at Waterplace in Providence, Rhode Island on September 15th, 2019.


"I am still so emotional over this wedding. I was so honored that Jacob and John asked me to perform the ceremony. I received the call many months ago and immediately said yes and began to cry. John and Jacob are not only clients but family. I have known John for many years but when I met Jacob I saw how happy John was. I knew there was something special in this relationship. In the ceremony, I just wanted that feeling of love that I felt for the two of them to come through the ceremony and I think I succeeded in that feeling. John came to me after the wedding and said "none of this could have happened without you and I would not have had anyone else perform such a beautiful ceremony." I love and appreciate every single one of my clients and couples but this particular ceremony was even more special because it was family. "

Lori Prashker-Thomas, CPWO


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John And Jacob’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


Good evening! It is my pleasure to welcome you to Jacob and John’s wedding ceremony. Please take a moment to silence any cell phones. If you would also take a moment to put your cameras away, Jacob and John have requested that no photos be taken during the ceremony today — thank you so much for your understanding. The ceremony will begin shortly.


Welcome and Introduction


Family and friends of Jacob and John: Welcome to their wedding.

My name is Lori Prashker-Thomas and as the celebrant for their wedding, it was important to Jacob and John to honor my Jewish heritage as their officiant and adopted family member.

Jacob and John would like to take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us. Although not physically present, their love and support are still with you today.

Opening Remarks

This is the day that Jacob and John marry the person they love the most in the world…the one they will laugh with, live for, and love for the rest of their lives. So, it is fitting that you are here…the ones that are closest to them. Today as these two souls join in life and spirit, we honor the great energy of those around us. The faiths of all your many peoples, nations and beliefs. The greater spirit of the universe and all that is around us. To the gathered celebrants, family and friends, who share a love for these two people - we honor you, thank you - and give thanks for your support.

The chuppah under which the Grooms’ stand is the traditional structure used in a Jewish wedding ceremony. Many traditions are melded today, as their families are joined together, and the combined richness of their two heritages will be the foundation for their life together. As the open sides of a chuppah symbolize hospitality, the chuppah in this ceremony invites you all to feel welcome today…for this is the day of all days that the Grooms’ want to share with you.

Today as we bless the union of these two spirits, we ask that their chosen friends and family who stand with them, take witness to this happiness and union. May you stand next to them through their lives as a testament to this day of joining. May you support them when called upon for guidance and need. And may each of you stand as a family to this bonded pair, for it is you they called upon as witness and brethren in this union of souls."

So, we begin this ceremony with anticipation and excitement for Jacob and John as they take a significant step in their lives.

John and Jacob, you’ve encouraged each other to try new things and not be afraid… you have loved and supported each other’s dreams.

Your differences work for you…you balance each other; you complement each other.

While your differences make your love story unique and touching, it is your shared values and morals along with your abiding affection, respect, and devotion to each other that makes your love story one that doesn’t end today.

Today begins a new chapter, that of being married. There are many chapters to come, sharing many happy times together, supporting each other’s careers, and caring for each other as you age gracefully…still being delightfully different from each other, but always loving each other.



Now we come to the words that make this ceremony legal and binding.

Marriage, as most of us understand it, is a voluntary and full commitment. It is made in the deepest sense to the exclusion of all others, and it is entered into with the desire, the hope, and the firm intention that it will last for life.

Before you declare your vows to one another, I ask you to confirm that it is indeed your intention to be married today.

Jacob and John, please turn towards one another and hold hands.

OFFICIANT: Jacob and John, Do you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? If so, answer together "We do."

John and Jacob: We do

Officiant: As husbands, will you honor and respect each other, care for each other in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. Until death do you part? If so, answer together “We will.”

John and Jacob: We will.


Having understood that it is your intention to be married to each other, I now ask you to declare your marriage vows.





Your wedding rings are the outward and visible signs of the inward and invisible bond which already unites your two hearts in love. Like your wedding rings, your love is unending.

Jacob as you place John’s ring on his finger and repeat after me…

With this ring,

I marry you.

Wear this ring always

As a sign of my love.

As this ring has no end,

Neither will my love for you.

John now place this ring on Jacob’s finger and repeat after me…

With this ring,

I marry you.

Wear this ring always

As a sign of my love.

As this ring has no end,

Neither will my love for you.

Now may those who wear these rings live in love all their days. Now may the love, which has brought you together, continue to grow and enrich your lives. May you continue to meet with courage any problems, which may arise to challenge you. May your relationship always be one of love and trust. May the happiness you share today be with you always. And may everything you have said and done here today become a living truth in your lives.

Closing Remarks/Seven Blessings


Jacob and John, having witnessed you declare your vows and exchange rings, your family and friends are excited to congratulate you and give you their good wishes. I speak on their behalf as I convey blessings, the traditional seven in number, to you on your wedding day.

1. "Blessed art Thou, O L-rd our G d, King of the universe who hast created the fruit of the vine."

2. "Blessed art Thou, O L-rd our G d, King of the universe, who has created all things for His glory."

3. "Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord our G d, King of the universe, creator of all mankind."

4. "Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord our G d, King of the universe who hast made man in His image, after his likeness, and bast prepared for him, out of his very self, a perpetual fabric. Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, creator of mankind."

5. "Blessed is the Lord our G-d, who causes Zion to rejoice in all the children.”

6. "Grant perfect joy to this loving couple, as You did in the beginning for Your creatures in the Garden of Eden. Blessed is the Lord our G-d, who grants the joy of loving companions.”

7. "Blessed is the Lord our G-d, Ruler of the universe, who created joy and gladness, lover and friend, mirth, song, delight and rejoicing, love and harmony, peace and friendship. O, Lord, our G-d, may there always be heard in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem voices of joy and gladness, voices of lover and friend, the jubilant voices of those joined in marriage under the canopy, the voices of young people feasting and singing. Blessed is the Lord our G-d, who causes grooms to rejoice beneath their chuppah.”

And let us all say “Amen”


It is now my personal privilege and with great joy to be the first one to introduce Jacob and John, as the newly married couple. Partners in life... for life. You may now kiss!



It is my honor and delight to introduce the newlyweds, Jacob and John.

May your celebration be filled with love and joy.



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