Reverend A. Childress

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The Wedding of Sheri Anderson & Gordon Kelson Jr.

Officiated by Reverend A. Childress at Expedition Island in Green River, Wyoming on August 4th, 2018.


"This was a beautiful wedding that included the elements, the stars, moon and universe. This wedding also included a beautiful handfasting tradition. Before hand which I was so happy to do, I was able to gift the couple with a hand crafted white oak wand that again was also made from all of the elements. Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The bride had also chosen a beautiful Celtic pin to honor her Grooms family, their customs and his beliefs. She had added into a small container a few small crystals, Rose Quartz to represent their love for each other, Amethyst to represent a spiritual shield around their family, Quartz Crystal to represent the healing of both hearts that will continue to grow stronger as well as keeping their family as one and lastly, the Selenite Crystal, named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. This crystal represents the continuous Love, Strength, Healing and Protection over each other and their families. All of the items were blessed and charged with Blood moon oil as well and all part of this years eclipse which was known to be the longest eclipse of our time as well as charged in the full moon. So very blessed to have been a part of this beautiful union~ "

Reverend A. Childress


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Sheri Anderson And Gordon Kelson Jr.’S Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Anderson To Kelser Ceremony


*Wedding party enters*


We are honored and grateful to be present here today to witness the sacred vows of marriage between Gordon Kelser Jr. and Sheri Lynn Anderson, who were brought together by love’s divine appointment and we rejoice with them as they take their first step in their new life together as husband and wife.

On behalf of the bride and groom, I would like to express thanks and gratitude to you all, and to Darlene Kelser, who is not here with them physically but remains with them spiritually in their hearts. The love that is shared and expressed here today is inseparably joined to the love that has created and molded their unique lives.

Who has the honor of presenting this bride today? "We Do, Her Sons"

"You may all be seated"

May we please have the rings? *Place blessed rings over wand*

This wand holds the energy of the sun, moon and stars. It started as a seedling in the beginning of it's life's journey. It's life did not end, but continued to go on through many adventures, growing to what it has become today. This wand represents the beginning of your relationship of where it once began and how it will continue to grow and become stronger over time.

I ask that you now look into each others eyes and see the beautiful gift the universe has given you, cross your arms, and take each other’s hands. By joining your hands in this manner, you create the sign of infinity, so may your love for one another have no limits, and your time together have no end. (right to right/left to left)


Gordon and Sheri, the estate of wedlock is a holy one, one not to be entered into lightly, but only under the guidance of Infinite wisdom and the inspiration of a sacred love.

You are entering into a relationship which is the expression of unity, harmonizing power of divine love. Marriage is the joining of two souls already attuned to each other. We are here to bear witness that both will now become husband and wife, and we believe you are already one in spirit.

May that glory which rests on all who love, rest upon you, bless you, and fill you with happiness and a gracious spirit. May all that is noble and lovely and true abound in your hearts, and abide within you. May it give you strength in all your days together. May you accept life’s rewards and bear its burdens together for all time.

*Place wand and rings in right hands*

•Declaration of Intent•

Gordon Kelser Jr., do you take Sheri Lynn Anderson to be your wife, to live with her, respect her, and love her with the promise of faithfulness, tenderness, and helpfulness, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live? ( I do )

Sheri Lynn Anderson, do you take Gordon Kelser Jr. to be your husband, to live with him, respect him, and love him with the promise of faithfulness, tenderness, and helpfulness, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live? ( I do )

*Now that you have declared your intentions, I invite you to share your vows and exchange a small token with one another.*

May these rings be blessed with; Air for hopes and dreams; Fire for the spark of love; Water for harmony and healing; And Earth for strength.

The circle is the symbol of the sun, earth, and universe. It is the symbol of peace. Let this ring be the symbol of unity and peace in which your two lives are joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever you go, return unto one another and to your togetherness.

•Vow & Ring Exchange•

Gordon, take your ring and place it on Sheri's left finger and repeat after me: "Sheri, I have chosen you alone from all the world to be my Wife. Please accept this small token of my love. A daily reminder of what we are now, and what we will become together. I give you this ring, As I give you myself, With love and affection. May this ring encircle your finger as my love for you endures through out time. Wear it in peace always.

Sheri, take your ring and place it on Gordon's left finger and repeat after me: "Gordon, I have chosen you alone from all the world to be my Husband. Please accept this small token of my love. A daily reminder of what we are now, and what we will become together. I give you this ring, As I give you myself, With love and affection. May this ring encircle your finger as my love for you endures through out time. Wear it in peace always.


By the exchange of these tokens of your love for one another, so are your lives interlaced. What one experiences, so shall the other; as honesty and love builds, so will your bond strengthen and grow.

A handfasting ceremony is the eternal joining of two people in love. Gordon and Sheri , I ask you to continue to look into one an others eyes and hearts. I ask you Gordon, to place your left hand palm side up, Sheri place your left hand in his and gently hold one an others hand. (Place wand between hands)

Sheri and Gordon , these cords and their colors symbolize so much. They are your life, your love, and the eternal connection that the two of you have found with one another. May you and your families be bound together by your love, now and forever.

*Wrap cord around couples hands, forming a loose knot*

In times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that I offer this blessing:

Blessed be this marriage with the gifts from the east -- new beginnings that come each day with the rising sun, communication of the heart, mind, body and soul.

Blessed be this marriage with the gifts of the south -- the light of the heart, the heat of passion, and the warmth of a loving home.

Blessed be this marriage with the gifts of the west -- the rushing excitement of a raging river, the soft and pure cleansing of a rainstorm, and a commitment as deep as the ocean itself.

Blessed be this marriage with the gifts of the north -- a solid foundation on which to build your lives, abundance and growth of your home, and the stability to be found by holding one another at the end of the day.

Sheri and Gordon , these four simple blessings will help you on your journey that begins today. However, they are only tools. They are tools in which you must use together to create the light, the strength, the infinite energy now and forever of a love you both so richly deserve.

May your lives be full and your hurts be few.

May you draw forth, each from the other, the highest and the best.

May you express poise, patience and understanding with each other.

May your lives blend together in harmony and joy and may your days be amazing and long upon the earth.

By the Winds that bring change, by the Fire of love, by the Seas of fortune and the strength of the Earth, do I bless this union.

*(Gordon and Sheri, remove your hands still holding your ends to these cords, step backwards slowly pulling it into your belly's together.)* Perfect!

The ties of this handfasting are not formed by these cords, or even by the knot holding tightly.

This knot is formed instead by your vows, by your pledge, your souls, and your two hearts, now bound together as one.

Keep this knot safe and may it never come undone and let it always be a reminder to you of the bond and commitment you have made here today.


Your two hearts now beating as one, your two souls now deeply joined anew - walk forward together, forever hand in hand, May your marriage be a lifelong celebration of love! May your lives together be filled with love and laughter.

By the power vested in me by through the ULC Ministries and the great state of Wyoming, I now pronounce you husband and wife, Gordon, you may now finally kiss your bride. (couple kiss)

It is now my honor to present to you, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Kelser Jr.


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