Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman

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Outdoor Wedding

The Wedding of Valarie & Jimi

Officiated by Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman at Groom's Relative's home in Buffalo, Minnesota on September 15th, 2018.


"Valarie is my sister-in law. Wedding was held at a relative's house & it was outdoors. Very hot day, but wedding turned out beautiful!"

Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman


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Valarie And Jimi’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


Linsey: Welcome everyone! We are gathered here today to witness Jimi & Valarie seal their love with marriage after ____ years of being together. Some people say that marriage is the beginning of your story, but it doesn’t start there. It started when you first laid eyes on each other (1st time you met), even if at that time you had no idea how much you two would mean to each other, then adding chapters like your 1st date, 1st kiss, & after years of creating memories & writing chapters to your love story, today you two can enter another chapter titled “Wedding Day”. A day filled with countless congratulations, happy tears, smiles, & love.


Linsey: Now ____ will share a poem with us.

Reader 1: The Elements of Love. May your love be like the earth; Rich, natural, and deeply rooted. May your love be like fire; Passionate, intense, and energetic. May your love be like water; Moving, constantly changing, & never still. May your love be like air; always fragrant, always carefree. Found in the breeze of a whisper, or in the breath of a kiss. May your love be like all four elements; Creating the perfect balance, and to craft the perfect ribbon. To bind these two hearts into one forever.


Linsey: Valarie, please give your flowers to your maid of honor. Jimi & Valarie, please face each other & join hands as you vow your lives to one another. Jimi, will you honor Valarie as your wife? Promise to treasure her? To be at her side in times of sorrow & joy? In good times & tough times? To love & cherish always for all the days of your life? If so, answer I promise.

Jimi: I promise

Linsey: Valarie, will you honor Jimi as your husband? Promise to treasure him? To be at his side in times of sorrow & joy? In good times & tough times? To love & cherish always for all the days of your life? If so, answer I promise.

Valarie: I promise

Exchanging & Blessing of Rings

Linsey: Jimi & Valarie, you have decided to seal your vows with rings you have chosen. ____ please give me the rings. (___ will hand the rings to Linsey. Linsey will place them in the palm of her hand). An unbroken & never-ending circle symbolizes a commitment of love that is also never ending. As often as either of you looks at this ring, a never ending circle, we all hope that you two will be reminded of the commitment you two have made today.

Linsey: Let us pray. Bless these rings, O God, to be the visible sign of the vows Jimi & Valarie made, that each who gives their symbol of never ending love may be reminded of their promises, evermore living & growing in the spirit of Your love. Amen.

Linsey: Jimi, place the ring on Valarie’s left finger.

Linsey: Valarie, place the ring on Jimi’s left finger.

Linsey: Join your left hands together. Speak in unison & repeat after me.

Linsey: I ask you

Together: I ask you

Linsey: To wear this ring

Together: To wear this ring

Linsey: So that every day

Together: So that every day

Linsey: In every way

Together: In every way

Linsey: you will be carrying

Together: you will be carrying

Linsey: Part of me

Together: part of me

Linsey: and my love with you

Together: and my love with you

Sand Ceremony

Linsey: To symbolize their unity Jimi, Valarie, Neveah, & Noah in Spirit will perform a sand ceremony. (Can do wedding colors, or research different colors to symbolize each family member).

Closing & Recessional

Linsey: Jimi & Valarie face me, today you have promised each other to create more chapters to your continuing love story, to strengthen each other, to treasure each other, & to spend the rest of your lives in matrimony. Maid of honor give Valarie her flowers… Jimi & Valarie face your family, friends, & loved ones… I now present Mr. & Mrs. Hamblin!

Linsey: Jimi, you may now kiss your wife!


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