Kristen Ashley Lee

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Halloween themed Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding of Floyd & Amanda

Officiated by Kristen Ashley Lee at Brewster Park in Brewster, Ohio on October 31st, 2023.


"Floyd and Amanda wanted a Halloween themed wedding in a park. It was so much fun creating a themed script and I had a wonderful time at their ceremony and reception. I wish these newlyweds a lifetime of love and happiness together."

Kristen Ashley Lee


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Floyd And Amanda’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Floyd & Amanda 10-31-2023

On behalf of Floyd and Amanda and their families. I would like to welcome everyone here @ Brewster Park on this beautiful evening. I am Kristen the officiant and ordained minister through Universal Life Church in the state of Ohio. First of all I would like to say I am deeply honored that Floyd and Amanda have asked me to officiate their wedding. I wish them both a marriage that is beautiful and never ending! The couple has chosen to become wed with a Unity Candle ceremony today. The candles on either side represent the wedding couple, and the candle in the middle represents their marriage to come as a single unit. We will now begin the ceremony.

Officiant (to couple):

You both have chosen the Unity Candle for your symbolic wedding ceremony today. The candle on the far left represents Floyd. The candle on the far right represents Amanda. The candle in the center here represents your covenant of marriage, which you will light together shortly.

Up until this point, you both have led separate lives as your own unique individuals. But now your paths will cross into this unified marriage once you light this candle. The fire of the candle represents the passion and love that you have for one another as you unify as a married couple.

Remember that your individuality remains so even as you enter this marriage and to support one another in your separate endeavors but strive to come together as a team in everything you do.


Officiant (to couple):

Before you both light the center candle together, it is time for the bride and groom to exchange vows.

Floyd, you can say your vows first.

Floyd reads vows:

“My dearest love, if you don’t mind,

I’d like to join you by your side,

Where we can gaze into the stars,

And sit together,

Now and forever,

For it is plain as anyone can see,

We’re simply meant to be.”

I, Floyd, take you, Amanda, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I vow to love and cherish you through the best and worst we may face. From this day, and forevermore, I am yours.

Officiant (to the other partner):

Amanda, you can now say your vows.

Amanda reads vows:

"With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine".

I, Amanda, take you, Floyd, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I vow to love and cherish you through the best and worst we may face. From this day, and forevermore, I am yours.

Officiant (to couple)

Now that you have exchanged your vows, it is time to light the center candle. Each of you takes one candle and places the flame on the wick in the center candle. At this moment, your lives will be united into one marriage covenant in this symbolic lighting of the center candle.


Officiant (to couple):

Now it’s time to exchange the rings.

Officiant (to Amanda):

Amanda, place your ring on Floyd’s finger and repeat after me. “With this ring, I promise to love you until death do us part.”


With this ring, I promise to love you until death does us part.

Officiant (to Floyd):

Floyd, place your ring on Amanda’s finger and repeat after me. “With this ring, I promise to love you until death do us part.”


With this ring, I promise to love you until death does us part.


Officiant (to couple):

Floyd & Amanda, please join hands. Amanda, do you take Floyd to be your lawfully wedded partner?


I do.

Officiant (to Floyd):

Floyd, do you take Amanda to be your lawfully wedded partner?


I do.


Officiant (to couple):

Floyd & Amanda, you have vowed your love to one another and lit the unity candle in symbolism of this passion for each other.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Jacquet!

Mr. & Mrs. Jacquet , you may now share your first married kiss!


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