Nichole Amy Kunkle

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St. Patty's Day

The Wedding of Andy Jumper & Jen Friese

Officiated by Nichole Amy Kunkle in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania on March 17th, 2024.


"An absolute honor!"

Nichole Amy Kunkle


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Andy Jumper And Jen Friese’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Welcome Statement …

(Officiant to audience)

Welcome friends and family. A wedding is such a wonderful occasion, filled with hopes, dreams, and excitement. We’ve gathered here today to celebrate the love between Andy and Jen, and to witness the depth of that love as they join together in the commitment of marriage.

Andy and Jen want to thank everyone that showed up today to support their commitment to the rest of their lives together. Each and every single one of you have had a piece in making them the couple they are today. They are truly blessed with the support and encouragement you show them every day. Any special day or adventure with family and friends, they will always hold close to their hearts.

Speech/ Sermon/ Introduction …

(Officiant to audience)

Since line dancing days at the Lions club in Roxbury, 29 years ago, these two have had countless adventures together that include Andy’s first (well 2nd if you count when he was 2 years old) airplane flight to an all inclusive resort, including Kristoph, the butler, in Turks and Caicos and riding in the side by side with family in Bedford all summer long. They have made joyful memories. They supported and comforted each other through loss of loved ones and through difficult days and weeks.

Andy and Jen brought two families together when they started to date. As with any blending of families, there are spectacular moments, trials and tribulations, and always learning experiences that include moments of understanding that the children only want what is best for their parents. This development of two families into one has created a relationship of Andy and Jen becoming best friends and partners in everything that they do in their lives.

And with patience, understanding, laughter, and honesty, they’ve grown into the couple you see before you. Their love and continual bonding has shown that it is never too late to get married and it is okay that this is not the first marriage.

Now, they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together, building new memories as husband and wife.


(Officiant to couple)

Andy and Jen…as you have shown us all that the foundations of a true marriage begin long before the wedding day, and the efforts of marriage will continue long after the ceremony ends. A brief moment in time and the stroke of a pen are all it takes to form the legal bond of marriage, but it takes a lifetime of love, commitment, and compromise to make marriage durable and everlasting.

Today you declare your commitment to each other before family and friends.

Declaration of Intent…

(Officiant to couple)

Do you, Andy, take Jen to be your wife, to love, honor, and cherish, through all of life’s ups and downs, sharing the days in joy and comfort, from this day forward?

Andy will say… I DO

Do you, Jen, take Andy to be your husband, to love, honor, and cherish, through all of life’s ups and downs, sharing the days in joy and comfort, from this day forward?

Jen will say… I DO

Vows/ Ring Exchange…

(Officiant to couple)

You’ve chosen to exchange rings as a symbol of the promises you make here today. They will be a reminder to you of the love you’ve cultivated these past several years, and of all the joys yet undiscovered, that lie on your journey ahead.

Vows/ Ring Exchange…

(Officiant to couple)

Andy, please repeat after me:

I, Andy, promise to respect, protect, and cherish you, Jen. I promise to make you laugh every day. I promise to never take you for granted and to always be faithful to you. I promise to never dutch oven you in bed. I promise to never let you go out in public with a bird’s nest and to never allow you to talk to a stranger with a “bat in the cave”.

Jen, please repeat after me:

I, Jen, promise to honor, respect, and encourage you, Andy, every single day. I promise to kiss you and tell you I love you every single day. I promise to laugh at every single joke or smartass comment you make, even when it is not funny. I promise to be faithful and always put our marriage first. I promise to thank you every day for choosing me to be your wife and always love my girls as your own. You are my soulmate, partner, and best friend. I love you with all that is in me and will always have your back. You are my forever.

Tie the Knot

(Officiant to couple)

In joining the hands and the tying of this knot, so are your lives now bound, one to another. With this knot, do I tie all the desires, dreams, love, and happiness wished here in this place to your lives for as long as love shall last. If so, please say I do.


(Officiant to couple)

Andy and Jen, having proclaimed your love and commitment to one another in the eyes of these loved ones, and with the power vested in me, I am so happy to pronounce you husband and wife!

Andy, you may kiss your bride!

Closing Statement…

(Officiant to Audience)

Andy and Jen want to thank you all for supporting their wish of having this day a celebration of their love and their love of St. Patrick’s Day, well Jen’s love of St. Patrick’s day and Andy’s continuing to support, going with the flow, and trusting Jen that he will have a great time.

Thank you all again for being a part of this special day.


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