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Penni A Russo

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Russo-Mackowsky wedding

The Wedding of Gabrielle Frances Russo & Daniel Richard Mackowsky

Officiated by Penni A Russo at Cedar Glen Gazebo in Cedar Glen Lakes, New Jersey on October 30th, 2023. Witnessed by Christopher Russo and Nicholas Russo.


"Sunshine and smiles! "

Penni A Russo


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Gabrielle Frances Russo And Daniel Richard Mackowsky’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Gab and Danny’s wedding speech:

Good afternoon and welcome family and friends.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of my beautiful niece, Gabrielle Frances Russo, and my soon to be nephew, Daniel Richard Mackowsky.

Thank you all for being here today, as we witness and support this wonderful commitment of love----

Danny and Gab are thankful to see everyone here today;

They know that the relationships that they have had with each of you, and the love and support that you’ve given to both of them throughout their lives,

is what prepared them to enter into this new chapter of life together as husband and wife.

So as we share in the joy of watching Danny and Gab pledge their love and commitment to spend their lives together in marriage,

Let us also continue to encourage and support their lifelong promise to each other---

--- to love, respect, trust and honor each other –

through the good times, difficult times, and unexpected times of their lives together as husband and wife.

Danny and Gab, marriage is more than a ceremony in front of your family and friends; it’s a lasting bond of love, devotion, honor and promise.

This union that you are committing your lives to today,

represents your dedication to support one another as individuals, and also as a connected couple, --

--who share joys, sorrows and dreams as one.

It is such an honor for me to be here today, in this special capacity in my niece’s life---

----as Gab -and the love of her life- prepare to be married.

Gab, has always been a very special part of my life;

--From wrapping her little arms and legs around me like a monkey so I can carry her around, ---

---to watching her determination to build her own career, and build her beautiful adult life.

⁃ Gab is strong, courageous, and genuine and I am so proud of the woman that she’s become

⁃ I would do just about anything for Gab to help her and support her in her life journey……

--even become a minister, and help her marry her best friend.


Gab loves your great sense of humor, how kind you are, and how comfortable you always make her feel when you’re together.


Danny absolutely adores you and loves your beauty, both inside and outside. He feels a connection with you that allows him to be his true self.

In speaking with Gab and Danny over the summer and preparing for today’s ceremony, I asked them a few questions about marriage.

They told me they believe marriage is a commitment that should never be broken---

---that marriage means working through difficult times together;

---it’s about enjoying the love and laughter as best friend’s, while you grow old together.

Today Danny and Gab will begin a new life together, founded in love, laughter, honesty, respect, and friendship.

--Danny and Gab,

May you always find strength in each other,

--may you always laugh with each other,

--may you always find safety and comfort within each other’s presence, and in the words you exchange between each other all through the years of your life.

Though today is an important day that unites Danny and Gab as a married couple,

today’s path to walk and new journey to begin is not theirs alone,

for they have already been blessed with their beautiful daughter, Macie Patricia,

and HER big brother, Aidan in their lives

-and, it is the commitment of your combined love, that will strengthen you all together as a family.

Danny and Gab,

Are you ready to proclaim the foundation of love that you both have for each other,

in the presence and witness of your family and friends today?

(Gab and Danny respond together “Yes”)

Daniel Richard Mackowsky,

--do you take Gabrielle Frances Russo to be your lawfully wedded wife,

--promising to love her and honor her,

--to trust and commit to her

--through joy and pain,

--in sickness and health,

--through the good and difficult times,

--until the end of your days on earth?

(Danny: “I do”)

Gabrielle Frances Russo,

--do you take Daniel Richard Mackowsky

--to be your lawfully wedded husband,

--promising to love him and honor him,

--to trust and commit to him through joy and pain,

--in sickness and health,

--through the good and difficult times,

--until the end of your days on earth?

(Gab: “I do”)

At this time, Danny and Gab will exchange rings.

The wedding ring represents the promises,

-the commitment

-and the unbreakable bond of a connected partnership between two people.

It has no beginning and no end;

-it is a timeless symbol of the love and commitment you two have both pledged to each other.

Let it remind each of you of the love and connection to each other that you feel here today.


please place the ring on Gab’s finger and repeat after me:

I give you this ring,

As a symbol of my love and devotion,

As we join our lives together today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.


please place the ring on Danny’s finger and repeat after me:

I give you this ring,

As a symbol of my love and devotion,

As we join our lives together today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

Danny and Gab,

today as you celebrate your unity as husband and wife in front of your family and friends,

may you celebrate many joyful seasons together,

may you support each other when days are difficult,


may you continue to love and grow closer together with each passing year.

By the virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of New Jersey and the American Marriage Ministries, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.


Kiss your beautiful bride!


It is my absolute honor to introduce for the very first time to everyone here today,

Mr. and Mrs. Mackowsky!


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