Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman

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Wedding Date TBD

The Wedding of Breanna P & Joey H

Officiated by Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman in Minnesota on December 31st, 2023.


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Breanna P And Joey H’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

---Rough Draft--- (Ceremony Vibe: Funny & Light Hearted? More Intimate? Traditional?)

"Welcome family & loved ones to Breanna Poukka and Joey Hamblin's special day. They have decided on forever, and with their wedding ceremony will declare their love for one another. (Optional Prayer, can switch prayer) Thank you, God, for the strong bond of love that exists between Breanna and Joey. Thank you for this ceremony with family & loved ones. We are grateful for your presence with us here today for this blessed event. Amen.

(If not already ask to face each other) (can change declaration)

"Breanna and Joey, in the presence of God, family, and loved ones do you promise one another love and encouragement, trust and respect, and support one another throughout the rest of your lives? If so, say IN unison, we do."

(Optional family or friend bible reading, poem, etc.)

(Optional write secret letters to one another, I read it during ceremony. Or I give a special message about love, marriage, and bond between Breanna & Joey).

(Join hands if not already) (Optional write own vows) (Can switch vows typed below)

"Breanna & Joey will now exchange vows. Breanna, repeat after me."

"I, Breanna, commit myself to you, Joey, as your wife. Commit to learn & grow with you, to explore & adventure, to respect you in everything as an equal, through joy & pain, strength & weariness, direction & doubt, for all the risings & settings of the sun."

(Joey repeat) (Ring exchange can edit wording)

“Breanna & Joey will now exchange rings as a symbol of their love and devotion. (Insert name) please give the rings."

(Whomever has rings give to Joey & Bre)

"Joey repeat after me. This ring is my precious gift to you, as a sign that from this day forward, you shall be surrounded by my eternal love."

"Breanna repeat after me. This ring is a token of my endless love. Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal."

(I'll ask you guys to face guests)

"With family & loved ones witnessing your marriage, declaring your love under the eyes of God. It is my honor to pronounce Joey & Breanna, husband & wife. Joey, you may kiss your wife!" (Kiss) "Ladies & Gentlemen, for the 1st time ever, Mr & Mrs Hamblin!"


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