Cynthia Karpaw Sobieski

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Ceremony at the Confluence

The Wedding of Jennifer & Robert

Officiated by Cynthia Karpaw Sobieski at Alcantara Vineyards and Winery in Camp Verde, Arizona on June 4th, 2023.


"I am so very proud to have been chosen to be a part of this couple’s ceremony. It was important to them to emphasize the joining of their families and to especially remember their loved ones that could not be there. We wrote the ceremony in such a way that made us truly feel surrounded by the spirit and love not only of the beloved guests, but also of those unable to be with us physically. I am honored that I could make that happen for them. It was a day of love and joy. "

Cynthia Karpaw Sobieski


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Jennifer And Robert’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Good evening everyone, and welcome to this most joyous occasion! At the beginning of a wedding, it is the custom to say “Dearly Beloved…” Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today…

It is traditional, and the words may even sound a little old fashioned now, but I want you all to reflect on these words for just a moment.

Because all of you, every last one of you, you are all so Dearly Beloved to Jenn and Rob. And that MEANS something. They have chosen you to be with them today to celebrate their love for one another.

This is an important responsibility. Jenn and Rob need your blessing, your encouragement, and your life-long support in their decision to be married.

Today, Jenn and Rob, your family and your friends, your Dearly Beloved, are gathered here to witness and support and encourage and bless you as you begin this journey together.

But we are thinking about some others too today, others who can’t be with us. At this time, I’m going to ask all of you to close your eyes and bring to mind any loved ones you’re missing. There are so many who would have been incredibly proud to be celebrating this marriage with us.

Let’s especially think of Jenn’s mother and father. May our thoughts of them help us feel their presence and surround us with their love.

You may open your eyes.

I’d like to tell you about this place that Jenn and Rob chose to start their life together. We are standing at a Confluence, which is the term for the place where two rivers join together to form one.

That’s a lot like a marriage. From this day forth, you are more than just two individuals. You are a family. And your families are now family. It’s the confluence of your lives together. The start of something much bigger than yourselves.

(Vows and Rings)

The rings that you are about to exchange with each other are a perfect circle with no beginning and no end. But these rings DID have a beginning.

Someone somewhere dug this metal up from the earth and formed it into these beautiful rings. The metal was melted and forged and cooled and polished until it became something beautiful.

Being partners in marriage is about working hard to make something beautiful. And in the days when life feels like an effort, your ring will remind you of everything you have promised here today.

Jenn and Rob, you have pledged your lives to each other in the company of your wonderful families and your circle of friends. May you always be each other’s best friend and greatest love.

It is my honor to now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

Rob, you may kiss your bride.


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