Jeffrey Clayton Johnson

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Wedding on the Pontoon

The Wedding of Toby Van Sistine & Jennifer Lyles

Officiated by Jeffrey Clayton Johnson at Nagawaukee Lake in Delafield, Wisconsin on May 15th, 2023. Witnessed by Katheen Lyles and Suzanne Van Sistine.


"Marrying these two wonderful people was one of the greatest experiences in my life. The day was perfect, the couple was perfect, the venue (a pontoon on a lake) was perfect. The theme was FAMILY. Everyone there played a role in the wedding which made it even more perfect. I loved the day and the way the ceremony turned out. "

Jeffrey Clayton Johnson


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Toby Van Sistine And Jennifer Lyles’ Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Jen and Toby Wedding Ceremony May 15th , 2023


A. Opening remarks-

Good afternoon one and all. We are gathered here today in this beautiful setting to celebrate Jen and Toby. We have all been fortunate enough to be asked to witness this most important step in their journey of life and love. Nothing is more beautiful than when two people pledge their love to one another in words and in actions. Jen and Toby are not taking this step because they need to. They are taking this step because they WANT to. Speaking with them, I know they do not take this next step lightly. This commitment to each other will solidify their already strong bond they have created with one another. We are blessed to have been asked to be here with Jen and Toby as they proclaim their love for all of us to see and hear.

B. Kids blessing-

Marriage is a bond to be entered into only after considerable thought and reflection (10 years of thought and reflection) As in any aspect of life, relationships have cycles. Ups and downs, Trials and triumphs. Jen and Toby have embraced this and have come together to be joined as one.

Me: “Who gives this bride to be married today?

Parker/Vienna: “Her sister and I do.”

Me: Jen and Toby, do you come here on your own free will and accord to be married here today?

Jen and Toby: “We do!”

C. Words and blessings of those departed

Before we move along too far, Jen and Toby would like for us all to take a minute to remember all those people who have been parts of their lives who are not able to be with us today. Jen and Toby both know these people made them who they are today. Both Jen and Toby know these people are with them today in spirit and that they will be in their hearts forever.

D.Words on Marriage and Family

Jen and Toby asked me to officiate their wedding a while ago. I cannot express how honored and excited I was. Personally, these two amazing people have always been there for Michele and me throughout the years. Over the years, we have spent countless hours talking about everything and nothing in the Kayaks, fishing-sometimes even catching them, going out to eat, recently playing bar bingo and hanging out at just about every family event. During this time together, I have felt an amazing connection between these two. I think we all can agree the attachment between Jen and Toby is something very special and unique.

If I were to ask all of you to write down all the words you would use to describe Jen and Toby, I am sure that list would be filled with many descriptive words. FUN, ADVENTUROUS, KIND, FUNNY, COMMITTED, CARING, DEPENDABLE. I could go on forever. All these words would definitely hit the bullseye when describing them. The one word, however, that I know we all would have in common on our lists would be the word FAMILY.

Family has played, currently plays and will always play an important part in their lives. Family has a special meaning to this beautiful couple.

Let’s take this word FAMILY and break it down a little bit:

F- Stands for Family- the thing that means the most to Jen and Toby. Friendship which is the cornerstone of a strong marriage. It also stands for Forever. The time in which this union will last.

A- Stands for Always. Always loving each other, Always being there, Always listening, Always respecting and Always loving each other every single day.

M- Stands for Memories- Memories of a first date watching the movie Act of Valor, memories of buying first homes together, memories of buying first boats like this magnificent vessel. Memories like today. Memories of all the triumphs and failures together. Memories of loss and most importantly Memories of the Love you both share with each other.

I- Stands for Invincible- Like their bond is invincible. Like their desire to make each other the best they can be is invincible. I have no doubt that this marriage will be invincible.

L- Stands for Love- Love for each other, Love for family, Love for Fishing, Kayaking and boating. Love for God and his blessings, Love for doing whatever it takes to make each other happy.

Y- Stand for years- Years spent together, Years spent loving each other, Years with your family. Making each of those years have meaning.

Putting all of these together not only spells the word family but it also shows what FAMILY means to Jen and Toby.


G. Readings-

Now Toby’s father, Dan, will share a reading with us.

Romans 12: 9-12

“Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other. Never be Lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically. Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble and keep on praying.

Thank you, Dan.

These were very wise and important words. They remind us that love is always active. Love takes effort and sacrifice all the time. Love is affectionate. Love is honoring the other person. Love can withstand struggles, pain, joy and bliss.

Now with that all said, let’s get on to the good stuff, “The Vows”

E. Vows-

Jen and Toby, when a couple shares their vows, they share their hearts. They share their love and they share their commitments to each other in front of God and family.

Me: Jen, do you promise to stay by Toby in sickness and health, in good times and bad and to always help Toby stay on time and keep things organized?

Jen: I do

Me: Do you promise to let Toby buy a Star Wars lightsaber and decorate a Christmas tree with Star Wars ornaments without rolling your eyes?

Jen: I do.

Me: Do you promise to make Toby smile and laugh when he is feeling stress?

Jen: I do

Me: Will you take Toby to be your husband, your best friend and will you love, cherish and honor him for as long as you both shall live?

Jen: I do!


Me: Toby, do you promise to stay by Jen in sickness and health, in good times and bad and to always accept that Hobbs will pick her over you every single time?

Toby: I do

Me: Do you promise to keep trying to be funny even though Jen is obviously the comedian of the family?

Toby: I do.

Me: Do you promise to make Jen smile and laugh when she is feeling stress?

Toby: I do

Me: Will you take Jen to be your wife, your best friend and will you love, cherish and honor her for as long as you both shall live?

Toby: I do!

F. Ring ceremony

Now that you have professed your desires to spend the rest of your lives together in marriage, let’s make this official. Wedding rings do this. Throughout time, rings have been used as a symbol of victories like in super bowl rings. Symbols of power like the ring of power in the lord of the rings “my precious” but most importantly as the symbol of the promise of everlasting love. And like your love, rings are never ending.

Cut the bobbers?

Me: As you, Jen, place this ring on Toby’s finger, please repeat after me:

Toby, I give you this ring as a reminder that I will love, honor and cherish you in all times, in all places and in all ways Forever.


Me: As you, Toby, place this ring on Jen’s finger, please repeat after me:

Jen, I give you this ring as a reminder that I will love, honor and cherish you in all times, in all places and in all ways Forever.

The commitments you two have made here today are a promise to God and Everyone. They are a solemn pledge to a lifetime of partnership. They are an assurance of trust and love for each other for the rest of your lives. This love that you have shown for each other today will be part of you as individuals and part of you as a couple forever and ever. We are all extremely lucky to have been part of this beautiful day with you two.

H.Pronouncement, Kiss and Introduction

Jen and Toby, having pledged the vows you have made to each other and the rings and words you have exchanged, and by the powers invested in me and the laws of the state of Wisconsin (and a 13 minute tutorial video from the American Marriage Ministries) you are now officially married.

It is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife. You may now seal these vows and promises with a KISS.

Ladies and gentlemen- I present to you, Jen and Toby Van Sistine.

Celebration time.


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