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How To Fill Out a Marriage License

Last Updated: July 17th, 2023

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As the wedding officiant, one of your main responsibilities is filling out the marriage license. This can get confusing if you are not familiar with this process. The pages below cover the most common questions people have when filling out a marriage license.


These pages contain general information on the most frequently asked questions regarding completing a marriage license. Marriage Laws and licenses vary across the country. So check carefully when you are completing the marriage license to make sure you have filled in all the required fields.

The most notable variation in marriage licenses is whether they have a field or fields for the witnesses to sign the marriage license. Not all states require witness signatures on the marriage license. If there are witness fields on the marriage license you are completing, make sure to have the witnesses sign the license before it is returned to its issuance office.

Officiant Title on Marriage License

You may be required to write your title when completing a marriage license. If you were ordained my American Marriage Ministries, you will write "Minister." You might consider yourself more of a "guru" or a "shaman," but for the purposes of this document, this is your title...

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Church Affiliation on Marriage License

If you were ordained by American Marriage Ministries, then you should write our organizations name if asked for your affiliation…

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Religious Denomination on Marriage License

If you were ordained my American Marriage Ministries, write "Non-Denominational," unless the marriage was celebrated in accordance with a specific denominational rite, which you should specify...

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Ceremony Type on Marriage License

The license may ask whether the wedding was Civil or Religious. Unless otherwise specified, you should mark "Religious". That doesn't mean that you had to hold a Christian or Muslim ceremony, it just has to do with your being a minister of AMM...

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Witness Requirements on Marriage License

If the wedding license requires witnesses, there are certain requirements concerning who can and can't sign as a witness...

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