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This is a directory of all of our publicly listed ministers. If you are looking for an officiant to perform your marriage, please visit our Officiant Directory Listing page.

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Walkens Lallemand

Walkens  Lallemand's Profile Picture

Doing what i can, Living Life; one day at a time....

Jonathan Samuel Sullivan

Jonathan  Samuel  Sullivan's Profile Picture

I'm Jon, I'm becoming an officiant so I can do my sisters ceremony. ...

Nicolas Fulton

Nicolas  Fulton's Profile Picture

A Martial Arts Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Sales Director, I believe in a universal human spirituality and that we are all equal ...

Karl Martel Chocensky

Karl Martel Chocensky's Profile Picture

Born in Maine, fled to Seattle, keeping life on lock. You want to get married, lets have us a talk....

Catherine M Cole

Catherine M Cole's Profile Picture

I've been asked to officiate my first wedding ceremony....

Joseph Richard Lipari

Joseph Richard Lipari's Profile Picture

Professional public speaker, I got ordained to officiate a friend's wedding. Had a great experience and make myself available to couples who wan...

Teena Marie Rankin

Teena Marie Rankin's Profile Picture

Spiritual ...

Jeffery M. Silva

Jeffery M. Silva's Profile Picture

Life is a path that we both follow and blaze. My journey began from humble beginnings in a house rich with love, and a faith that anything is p...

Christy Matherly

Christy  Matherly's Profile Picture

My name is Christy, I have been married for 23 years, with 4 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren. Growing up in a small city was hard, there...

William Earl Pittman III

William Earl Pittman III's Profile Picture

Pastoral License granted by Grace Baptist Church of Anaheim California 1997. Youth Pastor of 30 kids in Jr. High & High School at Grace Baptist ...

Allison Marie Sweeney

Allison Marie Sweeney's Profile Picture

I'm a God loving woman than believes in the sanctity of marriage. I love love....

Peter Harold Echols

Peter Harold Echols's Profile Picture

Born and raised in the Disciples of Christ religion....

Mayra A Balderas

Mayra A Balderas's Profile Picture

LGBT, non traditional or traditional. Open minded individual. Let's make your special day fun!...

David Stephen Dahl

David Stephen Dahl's Profile Picture

I Believe that the only way to heaven is through our savior Jesus Christ. It's about a personal relationship with God....

Teresa Lynette VanNieuwenhuyze

Teresa Lynette VanNieuwenhuyze's Profile Picture

I believe that love is love & all people should be allowed to legally be married !! ...

Adan M Olivo

Adan M Olivo's Profile Picture

By the Grace of God I've been in ministry for over 15 years. I've held many positions in churches such as Pastor,Assistant Pastor,Youth L...

Riley Gryc Park

Riley Gryc Park's Profile Picture

I specialize in non-religious ceremonies....

Ger Vang

Ger  Vang's Profile Picture

I am a Hmong spiritual healer, and currently living in St. Paul, Minnesota....

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