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Sarah Cortez

Sarah Cortez's Profile Picture

I'm brand new at this. Love wedding and always wanted to ordain one. If you have any helpful tips or advice. My ears are open..

Anthony Mazurkewicz

Anthony Mazurkewicz's Profile Picture

The Blue Dragon... I mean El Dragón Azul?! He's so mysterious.

Tammy Rhodes

Tammy Rhodes's Profile Picture

Let's celebrate your love!

Candais Hall

Candais  Hall 's Profile Picture

I believe in love and look forward to helping you celebrate your nuptials!!

Jessica Bridges

Jessica Bridges's Profile Picture

I have Divinity training and have helped to shape liturgies among L'Arche Atlanta, Calvary United Methodist Church, Trinity UMC, Eastside Church, Jesuit Volunteer Corps N...

Angela D Ramsey

Angela D Ramsey's Profile Picture

Love knows no religion, color, gender or social status. I believe that when two people have found each other and can committ to love, then nothing should keep them from ...

Anthony Hair

Anthony Hair's Profile Picture

Anthony D. Hair was born to the late Milton Henry and Minnie Carter Hair, and raised in the region of Fayetteville North Carolina. He first began confessing the Lord Jes...

Donovan Orvis

Donovan Orvis's Profile Picture

Im a loving and caring person. I am a dad,husband and grandfather and a son of god.

John Meier

John Meier's Profile Picture

I am a Christian who belongs to the restoration church. My belief is we should follow the guidance of the early church as described by Paul the Apostle.

Melissa Ann Wilson

Melissa Ann Wilson's Profile Picture

Single, 46yr old mother of three amazing now adult children that have given me three of the most wonderful grandchildren I could ever have imagined. I Love cooking, farmi...

Ricardo Daniel Rodriguez

Ricardo Daniel Rodriguez's Profile Picture

I've always dreamed of marrying two people in holy matrimony. It is a sacred bond between two people. I finally sat down and did it after my wife and I got married. I wou...

Robert Lummis

Robert Lummis's Profile Picture

Born and living in the USA my entire life from New York. Living in South Florida since 2000. Retired from the NYPD and Bethpage Fire Dept..Looking to bring joy into peopl...

Christopher Yeager

Christopher Yeager's Profile Picture

Raised in the coal region of Pennsylvania, baptist teachings, old fashioned learning, welder by trade, father and husband devoted.

Barbara Holly Stahlman

Barbara Holly Stahlman's Profile Picture

I believe that anyone regardless of race or sexual preference should be allowed to marry ...marriage is a union between two people who love eachother

Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown's Profile Picture

I am 36 year old traditionally Christian minister.I am a native of beautiful Phoenix, Az. I am come from a large loving family of 8. I am also a single mother to a wonder...

Linda Mann

Linda Mann's Profile Picture

Married have children and grandchildren

David Reichard Jr.

David Reichard Jr.'s Profile Picture

I believe all who wish to marry can be married and happy with the person of their choosing.

Brian Moutoux

Brian Moutoux's Profile Picture

I am wanting to be there when people need me most

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