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This is a directory of all our publicly listed ministers. If you are specifically looking for an officiant to perform a marriage, please visit our Wedding Officiant Directory.

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Rhonda Renee Correia

Rhonda Renee Correia's Profile Picture

I am a believer of all people are created equally. I am newly ordained and would like to perform marriage to anyone who loves each other and wan...

Rita Coleman

Rita  Coleman's Profile Picture

I am 29 years old and recently recieved my own wedding license ...

Josue Salvador Zuniga

Josue  Salvador  Zuniga's Profile Picture

All is one, one is all....

Desiree Michelle Guerra

Desiree Michelle Guerra's Profile Picture

In light of the new marriage laws, I now want to preform as many gay marriages as possible. I want to set the record!...

Joshua Williams Robbins

Joshua Williams Robbins's Profile Picture

Nashville HIV-positive activist for and advocate that firmly believes in equality...

Shafaye E Wingler

Shafaye E Wingler's Profile Picture

I believe any couple who claims pure and true love for each other should be able to get married. I will travel a reasonable (within 60 miles) di...

Dawn Marie Harris

Dawn Marie Harris's Profile Picture

I've been happily married for 9 years and going strong. We have 3 year old twin girls and my husband has 2 older daughters. Our goals in life ...

Amanda Land

Amanda  Land's Profile Picture

I am tired of seeing people turned away for same sex marriages in the state of Texas. I'm going to put an end to this....

Col. Jordan Bowling Palmer

Col. Jordan Bowling Palmer's Profile Picture

I also practice Taoism. Local business owner and founder of the Kentucky Equality Federation....

Ramona Detina Pentecost

Ramona Detina Pentecost's Profile Picture

Love is such an amazing feeling, and too many people take it for granted. If you're in LOVE, Don't ever let it go. Better give your hand and hea...

Joyell Lynn Alvarado

Joyell Lynn Alvarado's Profile Picture

I'm a mother of 3, happily married and believe everyone should have the right to marry the one they love. I'm excited to be able to take part in...

Andrea Beth White

Andrea Beth White's Profile Picture

I believe in LOVE.... ...

Christina Marie Lipscomb

Christina Marie Lipscomb's Profile Picture

My name is Christina, but friends call me Chrissy. I am a High School Graduate, Class of 2009. I recently had a Daughter and quit my job of five...

Airina Gibson

Airina  Gibson's Profile Picture

I'm a hair and makeup artist. ...

Emilio Francisco Arriola

Emilio Francisco Arriola's Profile Picture

I decided to become a minister in order to help all people marry. I believe love is the key piece in life it should be shared by all....

Jonathan Paul Fruge

Jonathan Paul Fruge's Profile Picture

I believe in love and that is all that matters. ...

Gerald Audron Jackson

Gerald Audron Jackson's Profile Picture

Hello everyone! I believe in love conquers all, so please, if you're in love, let me join you in matrimony!...

Joshua Totherow

Joshua  Totherow's Profile Picture

I believe everyone has the right to be married no matter what gender or race they are. I'm 26 and my name is Joshua. I have a fiance and a litt...

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