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This is a directory of all our publicly listed ministers. If you are specifically looking for an officiant to perform a marriage, please visit our Wedding Officiant Directory.

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Selena Capps

Selena  Capps's Profile Picture

I would like to make your dreams come true for your wedding. Same sex couples please contact me....

Roger K.

Roger K.'s Profile Picture

Hi I am Roger Kilgore I live in Lexington Kentucky...

Michael Lynn Beeck

Michael Lynn Beeck's Profile Picture

Born in Iowa but living in Texas for the last 45 years. In a loving relationship with the same partner for 38+ years. Vietnam veteran, retired.....

Linn S. Wheeler

Linn S. Wheeler's Profile Picture

I am a notary for the state of Florida and have performed many beautiful weddings. They are memorable and tender in spirit but non-religious in ...

Candice Brooke Roberts

Candice Brooke Roberts's Profile Picture

Hi! I'm Candice and I consider myself to be an advocate for marriage rights. After hearing a local news story about a same sex couple who were h...

Sarah Elizabeth Tamez

Sarah Elizabeth Tamez's Profile Picture

Love is Love! Embrace it! Celebrate it!...

Lori Lee Lovell

Lori Lee Lovell's Profile Picture

Doing my part to actively celebrate equality. Will conduct marriage ceremonies for all couples regardless of sex, race, religious faiths or none...

Emily Rose Stang

Emily Rose Stang's Profile Picture

I believe that everything in our lives happen for a reason. I also believe that we should be able to love who we want and be able to marry who w...

Stephanie L.

Stephanie L.'s Profile Picture

I am in Northeast Nebraska and believe everyone should have equality and be able to marry their soul mate!...

Alexander Cox

Alexander  Cox's Profile Picture

Computer Network Admin., 2 children and 1 grandchild. ...

Philip Tieu

Philip  Tieu's Profile Picture

Here to officiate my cousin and her fiance!...

Donna R. Franklin

Donna  R. Franklin's Profile Picture

After the historical decision from the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage. It was a time to celebrate. Then came the whiners. Religiou...

Amanda Rey Delossantos

Amanda Rey Delossantos's Profile Picture

My upbringing is of Christian faith, but I am open to performing marriages of all beliefs and backgrounds. I am multi-racial (Mexican/Native Ame...

Julie Mae MacMahon

Julie Mae MacMahon's Profile Picture

I am a spiritual person in the sense that I believe in a higher power and that faith is what matters, not religion. I believe in love and that ...

Laura Beth Caldwell

Laura Beth Caldwell's Profile Picture

Laura Beth Caldwell is an author and ordained minister in Savannah Georgia where she resides with her wife Jamey. The couple own and operate Moo...

David Sean Paton

David Sean Paton's Profile Picture

Hello my name is David I'm 34 and reside in middle Tennessee I believe the sacred bond of marriage is and should be in institution between ANY t...

Joey Marcel Guillory

Joey Marcel Guillory's Profile Picture

Founder of the Alliance of Reason....

Veronica Cruz

Veronica  Cruz's Profile Picture

I will be officiating my first wedding in October! I can't wait to be a part of it, who knows? this may start a new career!...

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