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Kevin Ray Jaramillo

Kevin Ray Jaramillo's Profile Picture

I'm 24 years old, I live in Denver colorado my whole life. I'm a huge bronco fan. I am married and have one beautiful daughter....

Kyrsten M. Lyster

Kyrsten M. Lyster's Profile Picture

I've made the decision to become a legally ordained non-denominational minister to serve my community and those I love. I uphold the ideal that...

Agnes M Benavides

Agnes M Benavides's Profile Picture

Hi i am minister Agnes, i have done a few weddings already, i live in jerome id, so if you are interested you can let me now so i can set your d...

Julia Yu Huang

Julia Yu Huang's Profile Picture

I would also make an excellent MC for weddings since I'm usually the "hype man" anyway....

Lacey Tharp

Lacey  Tharp's Profile Picture

I have a deep respect and love for Nature. I celebrate my life and the lives of others fully! By being aware of the beauty and majesty that surr...

Amanda Mary Delfin

Amanda Mary  Delfin's Profile Picture

I love the outdoors, playing guitar, tech and people. I am grateful for everything I have....

Amanda Jean Hogarth

Amanda Jean Hogarth's Profile Picture

I'm 16 and I love cats and sushi ...

Keysla Marie Rivera

Keysla Marie Rivera's Profile Picture

My name is keysla Im almost 20 years old and i find this very cool that you cannpick who ever you want to marry you and is a jonor to me to be a...

Terrell Nicholas Sykes

Terrell  Nicholas  Sykes's Profile Picture

I'm from South Jamaica queens new York, I grew up pentecostal but in the recent years due to the decline in the integrity of the church at larg...

Randi Michele Chassar

Randi Michele Chassar's Profile Picture

Married for 14 years to my best friend and soul mate. We have four amazing children. I have been so blessed in life and want to share in ...

ramona taliilagi leasau

ramona taliilagi leasau's Profile Picture

Married. Mother of 4. Passionate. Ambitious. Focused. Determined. Courageous. Motivational. ...

ClareAnn Kreider

ClareAnn  Kreider's Profile Picture

I am a true believer and follower of Christ...there are definite eternal rewards for following Christ (Luke 18:29-30) We learn by experience tha...

Adam Alexander Kari

Adam Alexander Kari's Profile Picture

I am a Melchizedek Priest holder with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I view everyone as an equal, as everyone should have equa...

Kody Allen Dempster

Kody Allen  Dempster's Profile Picture

I am a fun loving guy just living life....

Randi Finney

Randi  Finney's Profile Picture

I am a a mother of 4 children. I love the outdoors and music....

Jasmyn Diane Kenner

Jasmyn Diane Kenner's Profile Picture

I'm 17 and I believe almost anyone can be in love with whomever they so choose. (When appropriate)....

Malorie Faith Meinhart

Malorie Faith Meinhart's Profile Picture

I am a female. I don't know why it says I am male....

Aaron Keith Peterson

Aaron Keith Peterson's Profile Picture

I am a Methodist who believes strongly in the love of God. Go Big Red!...

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