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This is a directory of all our publicly listed ministers. If you are specifically looking for an officiant to perform a marriage, please visit our Wedding Officiant Directory.

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Alejandro Ortega

Alejandro Ortega's Profile Picture

Fun and outgoing, openmided.

Shirell Mason

Shirell Mason's Profile Picture

I love life and all it has to offer.

Alison Scofield

Alison Scofield's Profile Picture

A joyful lady who follows the Bible's direction

Kathi Ann Holliday

Kathi Ann Holliday's Profile Picture

My name is Kathi A. Holliday, I am a Certified Mobile Notary Public for the state of Arizona. I relocated here 14 months ago from Chicago, Illinois. I choose to become ...

Tyler Moses

Tyler Moses's Profile Picture

I am an open minded individual who doesn't believe in punishing faiths for their differences in opinion.

Mary Ballinger

Mary Ballinger's Profile Picture

Single mom with the belief that everyone deserves the right to marry who they love.

Nicholas Hargett

Nicholas Hargett's Profile Picture

i love the world and its people

Tennyson Taggart

Tennyson Taggart's Profile Picture

My faith lies in the potential for good in humankind. Tolerance, respect, charity and cooperation are all we need.

Sylvia Denise Reid

Sylvia Denise Reid's Profile Picture

As an attorney for over 20 and a woman of faith for all my life, I believe I can be a sincere, honest (really) officiant for a long life of love, challenges and overcomin...

Donald Wilson

Donald Wilson's Profile Picture

I'm 44 years male we have 7 kids been married 1 mo with a male but we been together for 11 years.

Markeisha Strowbridge

Markeisha  Strowbridge 's Profile Picture

I am not perfect but my faith in God is strong. I believe God gave us free will and that no one can judge or choices but God, because only he knows our true nature and ch...

Jessi Wright

Jessi Wright's Profile Picture

I ordain weddings so well that even the cake is in dum tis... Honestly, this was on my bucket list and this organization supports my personal beliefs involvin...

Gais Al-Nemri

Gais Al-Nemri's Profile Picture

Hi all, my name is Gais Al-Nemri, and thank you for taking time to view my profile. As you can see by my profile picture I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life; ...

Jason Risolo

Jason Risolo's Profile Picture

I am a firm believer in the vodou religion and completely devote myself to it and all of the powers of it in practice. I hope people use it for spiritual reasons but if y...

Roxanne Barba

Roxanne Barba's Profile Picture

I'm just a girl, wanting to marry her best friend to the man she loves on her wedding day

Anthony Neely

Anthony Neely's Profile Picture

I am a Christian, a husband, and an educator.

Becky Ann Landers

Becky Ann Landers's Profile Picture

Always laugh

John Whalen

John Whalen's Profile Picture

I registered because some of my close friends are getting married soon and I would like to have the option to perform their marriage.

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