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This is a directory of all our publicly listed ministers. If you are specifically looking for an officiant to perform a marriage, please visit our Wedding Officiant Directory.

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Brian Balgo

Brian Balgo's Profile Picture

44Y.O. Male

Joanie Rebecca Lancaster

Joanie Rebecca Lancaster's Profile Picture

I love helping others. I always try to see the goodness in everyone.

Zamanda Garcia Galvan

Zamanda Garcia Galvan's Profile Picture

"Beginnings are usually scary and ending are usually sad, but it's everything in between that makes it all worth having" - Bob Marley

Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox's Profile Picture

I'm a senior at the University of Indianapolis studying theatre and religion! I love God, my family, and my friends.

Carlos Hernandez valdivia

Carlos Hernandez valdivia's Profile Picture

I believe in equal right to marry. In loving whoever we want not matter what.

Tanya Kohler

Tanya Kohler's Profile Picture

I am a hard working mom of two

Devin Wingo

Devin Wingo's Profile Picture

I consider myself as open minded. Meaning, I am willing to listen and understand people's lives and give guidance.

Kim Borrero

Kim Borrero's Profile Picture

California resident of 57 years. I'm funny!

Samuel Kerby

Samuel Kerby's Profile Picture

I am a Doctor of Veterinary medicine and I chose to become a minister in order to marry two of the most loving and wonderful people I know.

Mandisa Clarke

Mandisa Clarke's Profile Picture

Do whatever makes you a great person.

Katie B. Kangas

Katie B. Kangas's Profile Picture

Veterinarian specializing in natural and holistic healing. Growing more now on my spiritual path into connected awareness. Connected to the divine and all others.

Brandi Winans

Brandi Winans's Profile Picture

I am a Published Author, Speaker, MBTI Practitioner, Conflict Dynamic Profiler and D.i.S.C Behavioral Assesments. I do personal development and athlete transitioning. I h...

Amber English

Amber English's Profile Picture

I have an associates degree in criminal justice and have been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost for 24 years. I find everyday is a new experience when God is in the mi...

Wilbur Hobbs Jr

Wilbur Hobbs Jr's Profile Picture

I was raised in the Christian religious tradition in several denominations including Episcopalian, Baptist & Lutheran. I attended Quaker schools so value the traditions o...

Freedom Lang

Freedom Lang's Profile Picture

Freedom Lang was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She has three brothers, two older and one younger. Freedom was always raised to turn to god when times were trying, no mat...

Suzanne Budwitz

Suzanne Budwitz's Profile Picture

Suzanne Budwitz is a chef/Kitchen manager at a spiritual retreat and conference center in Connecticut and also a yoga certified teacher. Soon after practicing yoga on a r...

Gail Green

Gail Green's Profile Picture

I am a wife, mother of three, and a teacher. My husband and I have been together for 25 years and married for 24. My daughter is a senior in high school and very spirited...

Madeline Rodriguez

Madeline Rodriguez's Profile Picture

I believe in what the Bible clearly teaches the enduring truth that marriage consists of one man and one woman. Jesus maintained the importance and sacredness of lifelon...

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