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charles irby

charles irby's Profile Picture

I am a believer of the wiccan faith I am also a United States Army veteran and I respect all religions no matter what they are because it is your personal belief that is ...

Nicole Bolton

Nicole Bolton's Profile Picture

Jesus is my final answer!

Francisco Arevalo

Francisco Arevalo's Profile Picture

Graduado del instituto de Cristo Para Las Naciones en Dallas, Texas en el año 2006. Actualmente es el Pastor General de Iglesia El Shaddai Grand Prairie fundada el 7 de ...

Mary Mcsweeney

Mary Mcsweeney 's Profile Picture

I’m a very open minded person. I believe anybody and everybody should be married . I believe in a lot of things and anything is possible

Elizabeth Meshun Howell

Elizabeth Meshun Howell's Profile Picture

I love God with all my heart. Am wife and I six kids who love God as well.

David Shapiro

David Shapiro's Profile Picture

I am a family man, loving father and devoted husband with many experiences in life from the military, to show business, to non profits, and more.

Guillermo Ahumada

Guillermo Ahumada's Profile Picture

Specialties: Journalism Social communication - Production & Direction tv. Psychologies: Family Counseling QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Certificate (DMH, L A County) Profes...

Robert John Bucholz

Robert John Bucholz's Profile Picture

Have lived in Colorado most of my life. Enjoy doing all activities in the great outdoors. Served in the United States Army. Enjoy meeting new people. Involved in numerous...

Katherine Madaris

Katherine Madaris's Profile Picture

I am a graduate of Candler School of Theology at Emory University with a specialization in the placement of faith in the modern school and workplace. I am a believer in t...

Tara Nicole Foy

Tara Nicole Foy's Profile Picture

I believe everyone deserves happiness & a happy life

Benjamin Solomon

Benjamin Solomon's Profile Picture

I am a sailor and physician.

Candice Calhoun

Candice Calhoun's Profile Picture

Just a peaceful lady who believes in love...

Sherry Waters

Sherry Waters 's Profile Picture

I am a woman of God and my mission in life to to wake up and fulfill his will for me

Ray Lee Hogan

Ray Lee Hogan's Profile Picture

Man of God believe in him cause he died for our sin

Marvi Zamora

Marvi Zamora's Profile Picture

All you need is love.

Alysa Rios

Alysa Rios's Profile Picture

I am not affiliated with any group, religion or organization but I'm open minded to all typea of ceremonies.

Rose Maria Calimano

Rose Maria Calimano's Profile Picture

I believe that all couples have the right to marry whomever they love. I look forward to sharing in the joy of your wedding day.

Brittany Nicole Holman

Brittany Nicole Holman's Profile Picture

I love making people happy and I would love to make your day memorable.

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