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Wesley Ira Lincoln

Wesley Ira Lincoln's Profile Picture

I have been, always walking with The Lord and doing my best to help and Shepard his fock that he allowed me to watch over.

Bruce S. Noll

Bruce S. Noll's Profile Picture

I am a catalyst for change, a life architect, ordained minister, published writer and speaker. I have dedicated the balance of my life to positively impacting people by p...

Heather Johnson-Kenney

Heather Johnson-Kenney's Profile Picture

My best friend asked me to perform her marriage ceremony. At first we were joking about it but the more we talked about it we realized, why not!?

Angela Green

Angela Green's Profile Picture

I am a happily married woman that is professional photographer. I've been married to my best friend and the love of my life since 1997.

Dustin Robert Burleigh Sr.

Dustin Robert Burleigh Sr.'s Profile Picture

Born and raised christian and family man.

Aileen Rosado

Aileen Rosado's Profile Picture

Christian - Non-Denominational Nina knew that the she wanted to make her Wedding Officiant and Notary Public services in Delaware Valley a mobile one. She also decid...

Laura Nicole Marlow

Laura Nicole Marlow's Profile Picture

Of a strong belief that no one has the right to judge.

Michael Shelton

Michael Shelton's Profile Picture

I'm just a normal average guy trying to bring happiness to other wonderful people of the world.

Kenneth LeVar Woods

Kenneth LeVar Woods's Profile Picture

Hi I'm Kenneth. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I am a firm believer. 2 Timothy 2:15 The Message Bible (MSG) "Repeat these basic essentials over an...

Herbert Alfred Holman

Herbert Alfred Holman's Profile Picture

I am very spiritual man with a background in Catholicism. I also embrace the Tao, the spirituality of native cultures, Transcendental Meditation, yoga, The Holy Trinity,...

Michael Steven Hemme

Michael Steven Hemme's Profile Picture

I am a teacher. I was born Jewish, chose to be baptized at 13, and became a Presbyterian at age 29. I am married with three grown children.

Abbigail Lewis

Abbigail  Lewis 's Profile Picture

My name is Abbigail lewis. I am a wife, and a mother of 2 children :)

James Christopher Wesley

James Christopher Wesley's Profile Picture

I'm an engineer that loves the outdoors and have lived in Virginia since I was 8.

Jeffrey Liang

Jeffrey Liang's Profile Picture

A sex-positive, drag queen officiant for the LGBTQIA2S community.

Steve James Svetik

Steve  James Svetik 's Profile Picture

A preacher one with the earth and is welcoming to everyone with any life style

Christopher Verland Lamb

Christopher  Verland Lamb's Profile Picture

I'm choosing to do this for my friend that I respect very much.

Rehgert Van Zyl

Rehgert Van Zyl's Profile Picture

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. I'm a South African married to an American working amongst developing comm...

Patrick DeMone Phillips

Patrick DeMone Phillips's Profile Picture

I'm s Christian filled with Faith , Hope , and Love . I enjoy sharing the Word of GOD , and our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST . My Mission : " Matthew 28:19 " ... > Go ye ...

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