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This is a directory of all our publicly listed ministers. If you are specifically looking for an officiant to perform a marriage, please visit our Wedding Officiant Directory.

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Madisen Joyner

Madisen  Joyner's Profile Picture

Very happy and willing to marry anyone and everyone who wants to be. Love is love and I am ready to help make it official....

Deborah Harwell

Deborah  Harwell's Profile Picture

It is my belief that All are created equally, and are deserving of respect. Which includes their rights to love and marry whom they choose. I ...

Megan Nichole Maddox

Megan Nichole Maddox's Profile Picture

As a newly ordained minister, my wish is to bring happiness to couples of all races, genders, or sexual orientation. Everyone has the right to m...

Maria U.

Maria U.'s Profile Picture

I believe we are called to treat all people with love and respect. I am very happy to marry couples who have chosen the beautiful union of marri...

Bonni Lynn Nicolai

Bonni Lynn Nicolai's Profile Picture

"I am an artist and a poet, I'm a mother and a daughter, and I love all living things"....

Jeffry Paul Slade

Jeffry Paul Slade's Profile Picture

For my family. For my friends. ...

Brandon Daril Cumbie

Brandon Daril Cumbie's Profile Picture

39 years old. Everyone has a right to love and be with whomever they choose. Love wins. ...

Brandon D Bryant

Brandon D Bryant's Profile Picture

I believe everyone should be afforded the same rights to marry who they love....

Tiffany Rene Hillner

Tiffany Rene Hillner's Profile Picture

Love sees no color nor sex! #lovewins...

Stephanie Lorraine Fuentes Tobias

Stephanie  Lorraine Fuentes Tobias's Profile Picture

I believe in the power of love, and to be able to contribute to that makes me feel purposeful. ...

Freda Sue Matkovitch

Freda Sue Matkovitch's Profile Picture

For over 20 years I have been professionally creating ceremony and ritual to honor life's milestones. Allow me to honor your life by helping yo...

Amber Sharp

Amber  Sharp's Profile Picture

Race, gender or religion holds no boundaries to those who truly love one another. Everyone has the right to marry whom they love!!!...

Michael Sheldon

Michael  Sheldon's Profile Picture

I believe in God, and that everybody has a right to marry, gay or straight....

Angel Marie Van Meter

Angel Marie Van Meter's Profile Picture

I believe love should be celebrated as should life and the blessings of children. I hope to be able to officiate in these beautiful things for y...

Lauren Elizabeth Freeman

Lauren Elizabeth Freeman's Profile Picture

I want to be able to help couples in love get married. I don't care who you are, where you come from, how much money you don't have or how non-t...

Julie Gallagher Carter

Julie Gallagher Carter's Profile Picture

I'm a married mother of three boys. I am a Christian....

JJ Salinas

JJ  Salinas's Profile Picture

I believe that love knows no bounds....

Dana Marie Cain

Dana Marie Cain's Profile Picture


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