Washington Marriage Laws

RCW 26.04.160 - Application for license ? Contents ? Oath

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Revised Code of Washington - Title 26: Domestic Relations - Chapter 4: Marriage

Application for license ? Contents ? Oath

(1) Application for a marriage license must be made and filed with the appropriate county auditor upon blanks to be provided by the county auditor for that purpose, which application shall be under the oath of each of the applicants, and each application shall state the name, address at the time of execution of application, age, social security number, birthplace, whether single, widowed or divorced, and whether under control of a guardian, residence during the past six months: PROVIDED, That each county may require such other and further information on said application as it shall deem necessary. (2) The county legislative authority may impose an additional fee up to fifteen dollars on a marriage license for the purpose of funding family services such as family support centers.

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[1997 c 58 § 909; 1993 c 451 § 1; 1985 c 82 § 2; 1967 c 26 § 7; 1939 c 204 § 4; RRS § 8450-3.]

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RCW 26.04.160

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