New York Laws - Domestic Relations 11-d

One-day marriage officiant license

§ 11-d. One-day marriage officiant license. ::: 1. A town or city clerk shall issue a one-day marriage officiant license upon request. Such one-day marriage officiant shall have the authority to solemnize a marriage which marriage shall be valid if performed in accordance with other provisions of law. Nothing herein contained shall nullify the authority of other persons authorized to solemnize marriages. 2. Such one-day marriage officiant shall be eighteen years of age or over and need not be a resident of the town or city to which they apply or a resident of the state. A one-day marriage officiant shall have the authority to solemnize a marriage anywhere in the state. 3. An applicant for a one-day marriage officiant license must apply for such license in the same town or city clerk's office as the couple to be married. Such applicant shall not be required to personally appear. 4. A town or city clerk shall be entitled to a fee of twenty-five dollars for issuing a one-day marriage officiant license. Such license shall be issued only after payment of such fee and submission of a completed application form. 5. The application form shall require the following information of the applicant: name, date of birth, address, email address and telephone number. The application form shall also require the following information of the parties to be married: names, dates of birth, and addresses as they appear on the application for a marriage license. 6. Such license shall only be valid for the parties to be married as stated on the application and shall expire upon the earlier of either completion of such solemnization or the expiration of the marriage license. 7. One-day marriage officiants shall be exempt from registration as required pursuant to section eleven-b of this article. ::: (this law becomes effective at the end of March, 2023)

Added A02901 ; 2023

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