Colorado Revised Statutes 14-2-106

License to marry

(1) (a) When a marriage license application has been completed and signed by both parties to a prospective marriage and at least one party has appeared, or both parties appeared if permitted pursuant to section 14-2-106.5, before the county clerk and recorder and has paid the marriage license fee of seven dollars, a fee of twenty dollars to be transmitted by the county clerk and recorder to the state treasurer and credited by the treasurer to the Colorado domestic abuse program fund created in section 39-22-802 (1), and an additional amount established pursuant to section 25-2-121, such amount to be credited to the vital statistics records cash fund pursuant to section 25-2-121, the county clerk shall issue a license to marry and a marriage certificate form upon being furnished: (I) Satisfactory proof that each party to the marriage will have attained the age of eighteen years at the time the marriage license becomes effective; or, if over the age of sixteen years but has not attained the age of eighteen years, has judicial approval, as provided in section 14-2-108; and (II) Satisfactory proof that the marriage is not prohibited, as provided in section 14-2-110. (b) Violation of subsection (1)(a)(I) of this section makes the marriage voidable. (2) Repealed.

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