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Nikki and Matt

The Wedding of Nichole & Matthew

Officiated by Joanne Feldman at Candlewood Inn in Connecticut on October 8th, 2021.


"What a beautiful day! This was the largest wedding I have performed so far but what fun. This was especially near to my heart because I have known the bride since she was born and her parents are dear friends so I really wanted to do a good job for them. I was asked to keep the ceremony short and just add a personal line or two. They were all very happy with the ceremony so the day was a huge success!"

Joanne Feldman


Nichole And Matthew’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

Welcome family & friend

We have all gathered here today to celebrate with Nikki and Matt as they proclaim their love and commitment to each other. We are here to rejoice with them in the new life that they now undertake together.

The legal definition of a marriage is the recognition of a union between 2 people as partners in a personal relationship. I would say Nikki and Matt surpass this definition. They enjoy spending time together working out, visiting local wineries, spending time with family and friends and of course their fur babies Nala and Atlas but especially cooking. They are passionate about planning and preparing meals because it is a special time in their day that they can spend together and enjoy each other's company, not to mention a great meal. They are best friends and that is the perfect place to start the journey they begin here today.

Declaration of intent

Nichole and Matthew, the relationship you are entering into today must be grounded in the strength of your love and the power of your faith in each other.

To make your relationship succeed it will take unending love.

It will take trust, to know in your hearts that you truly want what is best for one another and to learn and grow together.

It will take faith, to go forward not knowing what the future holds.

If you both come freely and understand the responsibility and work involved to make your relationship thrive, and you are fully committed to each other then please reply "we do".

Vow exchange

Nikki and Matt will now share the vows they have written to one another.

Ring exchange

And now Nikki and Matt will exchange rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other

Matt, please place the ring on Nikki’s finger and repeat after me

Nikki, you are my best friend and everlasting companion. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.

Nikki same as above


Nichole and Matthew, prior to this moment you each walked a separate path. Now you embark together on a shared path.

Today you have stood before these witnesses and declared your intent to commit your lives to each other in marriage.

You have made promises to each other.

I hope you never forget the love and excitement you feel today.

Always remember, the guide to a happy marriage is to be kind to one another, be quick to forgive, show affection, praise the good, admit when you are wrong, share each other's excitement, have a sense of humor, don't take yourself too seriously and always choose Joy!

At this time it is my privilege to pronounce you husband and wife. Matt you may mow kiss your bride!


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