Ole E Olson

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Dan and Liz Wedding

The Wedding of Daniel David Olson & Elizabeth Staveness

Officiated by Ole E Olson at Olson House in Lake Mills, Wisconsin on October 17th, 2020. Witnessed by Nathan Olson and Amanda Kreklow.


"It was an honor to officiate my son's wedding. Not only that but he allowed it to occur in our backyard. A month's notice, a frantic groom's mother fixing everything for the dream wedding and COVID going strong it turned out to be the best wedding I ever attended."

Ole E Olson


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Daniel David Olson And Elizabeth Staveness’ Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


Beginning of the Wedding Ceremony. Nate and Dan upfront. Guests are seated followed by the entrance of flower girls, Amanda, and then Liz.


We are gathered here today to celebrate with Daniel Olson and Elizabeth Staveness as they proclaim their love and commitment to the world. We are gathered to rejoice, with and for them, in the new life they now undertake together.


The Art of Marriage by William A. Peterson

The little things are the big things. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry. It is at no time taking the other for granted; the courtship should not end with the honeymoon; it should continue through all the years…

When Dan and Liz called and asked if I would marry them in six weeks, I was shocked. Not because I had any doubt that they were truly meant to be together but over the timing. As a parent, you only want the best for your child. For them to be a productive member of society, to learn and grow into a fine adult, and for them to be happy and share that happiness with someone else.

Our boys always told us when they were really serious about a girl they would let us meet them. This of course drove Renee nuts. When we met Liz, I knew right away that Danny was smitten. He told me about their first date. He told me that it went into overtime. He said that he had such a great time that neither wanted it to end and so they came up with more things to do on their date.

Liz began spending more and more time at the house. It was a natural fit. She was never a stranger in a strange house, she was family. I guess I too was smitten, watching them together. Liz is a part of our family as Danny is yours. Let us celebrate making this union official.


Daniel David Olson and Elizabeth Anne Staveness, the relationship you enter into today must be grounded in the strength of your love and the power of your faith in each other. To make your relationship succeed it will take unending love. It will take trust, to know in your hearts that you truly want what is best for one another, and to learn and grow together. It will take faith, to go forward together without knowing what the future holds. If you both come freely and understand the responsibility and work involved to make your relationship thrive, and are committed to not only each other but your family, please take each other by the hands and reply 'we do.'


Dan and Liz have written their own vows.

Daniel, repeat after me:

Liz, you are my best friend and everlasting companion. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.

Now place the ring on her hand and repeat after me... with this ring, I promise to stand with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together.

Elizabeth, repeat after me:

Dan, you are my best friend and everlasting companion. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.

Now place the ring on his hand and repeat after me.... with this ring, I promise to stand with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together.


The bond between a child and her father is lifelong and special. In recognition of that, I would invite Duane to share a poem with you called, 'I am Yours to Keep' by Mike Quinn:

You are my princess in my heart, and I care for you so much. I love the fondness in your eyes and your tender little touch. I looked at you when you were born, And knew straight away, That I would be forever here to watch you grow and play. You bring to me a heart of joy, And memories so great, And a powerful sense of fatherhood that no one can debate. I watch you sleep and dream of things that I can only wonder. That innocent look upon your face Just makes my heart grow fonder. I see you run and jump and shout and calling out my name. No love that I have ever known could ever feel the same. No suffering or tragedy Nor deeply seated pain could ever overshadow the bond that we retain. And so my little princess before you go to sleep, remember I am your daddy and I am yours to keep.


Daniel and Elizabeth, prior to this moment you each walked a separate path. Now, you embark together on a shared path. Yet the journey is not yours alone, for you have already been blessed with beautiful families. It is the strength of your love that shall nourish you all together as a family.

Dan and Liz, today you have stood before these witnesses and declared your intent to commit your lives to each other in marriage. You have made promises to each other and your family. I hope you will never forget the love and joy you feel today because these are the values that will keep your marriage, family, and bond to one another strong.

And so, by the power vested in me by the American Marriage Ministries and the State of Wisconsin, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Dan, you may kiss your bride.


End of the Wedding Ceremony.


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