Nevada Marriage Laws Quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of the laws pertaining to who can perform marriage, what office issues the marriage license, manner in which the marriage license must be handled, and other laws that an officiant should be familiar with prior to solemnizing marriage.


Who is authorized to solemnize marriage in Nevada?

Are ministers required to get licensed by the state to perform mariage in Nevada?

What Nevada government office handles minister licensing?

Does the minister have to be a resident of Nevada to perform marriage?

What is the legal minimum age for a minister to perform marriage in Nevada?

What is the marriage license and who files for it?

Who issues the marriage license?

When referring to a marriage license, what does "Waiting Period" mean?

Is there a waiting period for the marriage license in Nevada?

When referring to the marriage license, what does "Expiration Date" mean?

Once issued, the Nevada marriage license expires in...

What are some of the duties of the minister when solemnizing marriage?

In Nevada, the completed marriage license must be returned...

Where must the marriage license be returned to in Nevada?

Who's duty is it to return the marriage license?