Letter of Good Standing $18

Your Letter of Good Standing is signed by an AMM Officer, notarized, and affixed with our official seal. This document is often requested by government offices that require minister reqistration. When you are asked to present a church document affirming your ministerial standing and bearing live signatures, you should present this letter. Your Letter of Good Standing declares that you are an Active AMM Minister in Good Standing with American Marriage Ministries.

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Why do we ask for the State of Marriage?

Select state governments require documents addressed to their offices. We ask for the state where you will be performing marriage in order to ensure that your package contains all the correct paperwork to register.

Why do we ask for the County of Marriage?

Certain states require registration at the county level. We ask for the county in order to provide you with the correct applications and paperwork.

Why do we want you to register the wedding?

The information you submit is kept private by default. We only ask for this information to provide the paperwork required by certain state governments.