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The Wedding of Tracy Needles & Nick Yuelis

Officiated by Robert Sall Perilstein in Pennsylvania on June 2nd, 2018.


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Tracy Needles And Nick Yuelis’ Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

The Wedding of

Tracy Needles & Nick Yuelys

June 2nd, 2018


I.The Procession

Officiant enters from the side.

Parents of Groom......... Pauline and Dennis Yuelys + Nick

Grandmother (YaYa)…. Mary Yuelys + Nick’s Cousins

Grandmother…………... Roberta Sall + Jeff Needles

Grandmother…………… Sallie Needles + Jason Needles

Grandfather……………. Stanton Moss


Monica Cirlin +Jeff Latov

Julie Fein

Rachel Goodman

Melissa Barry

Monica Cirlin

Lauren Kramer + Alex Gargano

Danielle O’Kane

Joanna Yuelys

Margarite Yuelys

Amy Brown

Julie Perilstein

Mallory Needles + Jason Needles

Best Men… Joey Quieros + John Lockwood

Maid of Honor....... Randi Kay


Lifting of the bridal veil – take positions under Chupah

Procession has completed.

Everyone has entered and taken their position

Bridesmaids and Grooms are standing to the left and right of the Chupah.


“The Women and Men who are an important part of your lives as individuals and as a couple are standing here as Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Tracy and Nick offer their sincere “thanks” to all of you for their love and support and invite you to take their seats in the first row(s).”

End of Procession

Greeting and Introductions:

Sincere greetings and a heartfelt welcome to everyone here.

My name is Robert Perilstein and I am honored to have been asked to be the Officiant for the Wedding Union of Tracy Needles and Nick Yuelys on this wonderful occasion.

This is truly an intimate gathering of the closest friends and families of Tracy and Nick.

And tonight, we are here to witness the joining of a beautiful couple and the joining of their two equally beautiful families.

At this point, before the action gets started, I would like to ask the Bride and Groom to turn around to face your guests. I want you to see those who love you two so much and are thrilled to be here on this very special day. (Tracy and Nick turn around to face the crowd)

You will see your dear families, your friends, loved ones, and members of the TNFC (Tracy and Nick Fan Club).

Ladies and Gentlemen – this is a 10-second KODAK moment. Please feel free to capture these two superstars.

Before we begin the Wedding Ceremony, please excuse me while I turn off my cell phone (I take out my cell and clearly show all guests that I’m turning it off).

We’d like to ask everyone to please take a moment to look upward, as we honor and cherish the memories of our loved ones who are smiling down on us at this joyous event. Their spiritual presence here today adds so much to your wedding and to our celebration of this life event.

We remember your grandparents: Stanley Needles, John and Margarita Theofanis, and Nicholas Yuelys. We remember Nick’s close friend: Jason Bednarz.

And we remember Tracy’s mother: Jamie Moss. Just about everyone here today knew Jamie, as we deeply miss her as she was a major part of all of our lives. Her presence is definitely felt in our hearts tonight. Tracy, I am certain that your Mom has a lovely new dress this evening and that she is here watching this glorious wedding, and her essence will be on the floor dancing with all of us tonight.


Tracy and Nick have invited a special guest to provide a benediction for this blessed evening.

Father returns to his seat.

Now please….. turn to face your parents and myself.

Let’s all take a deep breath, inhale ....and relaaaax.

Preparing for the Wedding

It was about 10 months ago when we were all together at Jen and Marty’s for the High Holy Days, when Tracy and Nick approached me to ask if I would officiate their wedding; because they preferred a close family member to conduct a sincere and “fun” style wedding ceremony.

Here we are...many days later with fast-beating hearts, sweaty palms, & joyous tears filling all of our eyes.

Special Mention of the Chupah and Ketubah

Prior to this ceremony, Tracy and Nick and loved ones were present for the signing of this beautiful Ketubah, or marriage contract.

This Ketubah will be on display after the ceremony for everyone to read.

As we gather here today, standing underneath this magnificent Chupah, or canopy, you’ll notice that it is open on its four sides...symbolizing the Hospitality that you two will always offer…as your Hearts and your Home will always be open for family and friends.

It is also very special that the Chupah was made with the Talit , or prayer shawl, of Grandpop Stan.

How this all began

In my preparations for today, I have asked both of you for personal anecdotes, charming stories and little known facts about themselves.

Don’t worry...this is not to be a Roast; but more of a Boast, because these two are just so wonderful!

Everybody here tonight must know the story of “Tracy and Nick”.

Season One – Episode One.

How it started with friends getting together on the Lower East Side of NYC at a restaurant called Essex.

How Nick’s friend, Colin, introduced you two to each other late in the evening…and something clicked in a big way.

The next morning, Nick’s cell phone listed you as “ Essex” …while your cell phone had a new listing called “The Boy from Essex”.

And after a quick phone call, the First Date was made at another restaurant with brave Nick approaching you and saying: “This may go wrong, but I’m pretty sure that neither of us know each other’s names”. He was right.

After many months of dating your spark had become a raging fire. And to this day, you still celebrate “Essex Day”.

And it’s remarkable how early the two of you learned the Art of Compromise. The ability to listen to each other, show respect to each other, and compromise is a skill that takes years and years and years to master…but you two have already proven your abilities. One way is through… FOOTBALL!

Football is a one part of your relationship- Tracy’s Eagles vs. Nick’s Giants.

Both families have season tickets and avid fans, … and with this team rivalry, it’s a challenge to compromise!

You each wear the light-up Christmas sweaters for the other team.

And..Nick is a member of the Needles’ fantasy league where he gets joy from trading overpriced Eagles.

There is the Art of Compromise, and The Art of just plain FUN, And both of you just love having fun together!

Like going to the movies early to play the Arcade Games, and the mechanical Claw Machine, whose yellow plastic duckie, that now adorns your apartment as a reminder of that night… and the fun that you had, and shared… and will be having and sharing for the rest of your lives.

And now, let’s talk for a moment about how Nick asked for your hand in Marriage.

You’ve shared an amazing story that starts with a busy Friday night in NYC, with both of you traveling to Long Island to the Yuelys home for the Saturday Celebration of Nick’s graduation from Columbia Business School.

As many people know, to travel to Long Island from NYC on a Friday afternoon is the ultimate test of a couple’s patience. Millions of people leaving the city at the same time.

And, stuck in traffic, Nick learns about the Wrath of a Hungry Girlfriend.

So Nick places an order with one of their favorite restaurants to pick up a jumbo order of Crab Claws. The only cure for Tracy’s hunger.

Tracy goes into the restaurant, while Nick jumps out of the car and runs to the trunk, where he has hidden the engagement ring and stashes it in his pocket.

They finally (after hours) arrive at the Yuelys’ home for the backyard celebration, where Tracy runs to the back of the house armed with Crab Claws, plops them on the table, and immediately prepares to dig in!

She turns around and sees Nick on one knee with a ring and also with 50 Crab Claws as witnesses.

But they were not the only witnesses.

Nick’s Dad is upstairs in the window recording the event. And behind him was the rest of the family.

Nick, you POP the question. Tracy is shocked and bewildered…and hungry. Your 1st reaction: “What? No?” She absolutely couldn’t believe it.

And your 2nd reaction: “Yes! Of course”!

That’s when the family in hiding came pouring out to show their love and support of this wonderful happening.

That’s when Dennis, Pauline, Randy and Ilene, and Jamie and even Meg emerge from the house with tears of love.


Friday Night….Engagement Party. Saturday night…CELEBRATION.

And now….Tonight…..Here we are!

Special Recognition of your Parents.

Tracy and Nick....Today is Your Day...and it’s also your Parents’ Day.

It’s their Special Day as they watch their child begin a new life with a wonderful, caring partner who will devote their lives providing unending love, continuous support, and deep respect for each other as individuals and as Husband and Wife.

And Tracy, it’s special that you are here with Jason and Jeffrey to stand here with you and your Dad.

And Dennis and Pauline – the strength of your family is also shown with your daughters, Joanna and Margarite.

They know…that your hearts are devoted.

They know...that both of you are floating in air each time that you smile at the other.

Tracy and Nick. It is always a great concern of parents (and your siblings) regarding whom you will select as a life partner.

You two have nailed it perfectly!

The Ceremony

Tracy and Nick, you have requested that our wedding ceremony should include several wedding customs, symbolic in both Jewish and Greek Orthodox tradition, that help to make this a day that will always be remembered with great joy and spirituality.

Unity Candle

We begin with light, Light is an extraordinary symbol of love and all that is spiritual. It is intangible, for as hard as we may try, we cannot touch it. However, by its brightness, we can feel its warmth and all that draws close to it …glows.

So let us begin with a Unity Candle for you to light together. You each will take a lit candle and together light this Unity Candle.

Tracy and Nick,

We see that stream of light tonight with the two of you.

And with this lighting, a single brighter light will glow from your united candles.

May the love that you share brighten your lives and the lives of all who love you.

May this radiant moment be reflected forever in all that you do and illuminate your path together.


We also have a glass of wine for you, also known as The Common Cup in the beautiful Greek Wedding tradition.

Wine is always associated with joyous occasions.

It is a wonderful symbol, because as wine gets better with age – so does your love of each other, as you have already learned.

As you share this cup of wine, (take 3 sips each) so may you share all things in your Cup of Life with love and understanding.

Hands – a reading

Tracy and Nick – please hold hands.

And we also invite everyone here sitting with your loved ones to hold hands as well. Don’t worry…I’m not marrying everyone in the room – just this special couple before me.


These hands that you hold on your wedding day are the hands of your best friend. These are the hands that will work alongside yours, as you build your future together, and as together you laugh and cry, and share your innermost secrets and dreams.

These are the hands that will wipe away the tears from your eyes; tears of sorrow and tears of laughter and joy. These are the hands that will comfort you in illness and hold you close when you are grieving.

These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness, as you promise your love and commitment to one another tonight…and for all of the days of your lives.

Thank you – statements from Tracy and Nick

It was Oscar Hammerstein who wrote:

“The dearest things that I know..are what you are.

And someday, I'll know that moment divine, when all the things you are...are mine”.

Tracy and Nick have chosen this moment to express their sincere gratitude to each other.

Tracy: Nick, I want to Thank You for knowing how to always make me smile, even when it seems like the hardest thing to do. Your humor and fun loving spirit is what I loved first about you and to this day I’m always thankful of your reminders to “just smile” after a long day.

Nick: Thank you, Tracy, for your smile. The joy you bring to each and every day is incredible. Your smile brightens the room and lifts the spirits of everyone around you.

Tracy: Nick, I want to Thank You for your compassion. I knew that you were something special when only a year into dating you helped nurse me back to health after shoulder surgery. Given my klutziness, I thank you in advance for all your future nurse-duties. You are loving, kind and your compassion also shines in how you let me sing my heart out during all long car rides.

Nick: Thank you, Tracy, for your strength. Your indomitable spirit has been a rock and guidepost throughout everything our time together has brought us.

Tracy: Nick, I want to Thank You for keeping me sane. This has been one heck of a year and you were always there to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. Your calming presence and ability to figure out how to help— whether that is through venting, whiteboarding or simply creating endless lists makes the impossible seem possible. This is why I know that no matter what life throws in our way we will be able to tackle it together.

Nick: Thank you, Tracy, for your love. The kindness of your heart is unparalleled, and it shows every day I’m with you. It inspires me to be the best I can be.


Nick’s ring is from his grandfather Nicholas. And Tracy’s ring includes diamonds from her mother, Jamie.

These rings are a symbol of your unbroken circle of love, freely given, with no beginning and no end. You are both the Giver and Receiver. These two rings always remind you of the vows that you will express tonight, and your love and devotion for each other.

Exchange of Rings: Nick places the ring on Tracy’s finger and then vice-versa.

Vows and Committments

Together, Tracy and Nick created a shared set of commitments, a list of personal vows, Vows that will be witnessed by all of their loved ones here tonight.

TRACY: “Nick –

I can say is that from the moment I got to know Nicholas Yuelys I knew you are the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Nick, you are not only my partner, roommate and soon to be husband, you are truly my best friend.

You are the man I want to be with… not only today, but for all the tomorrows yet to come… and I love you more with every passing day.”

NICK: “Tracy –

As I’ve stated in my expressions of Gratitude, and for many, many more reasons – you ARE & will ALWAYS BE the Love of my Life.

And I Promise to love and cherish you…forever.”

The Last Question

Tracy and Nick, I have but one question to ask each of you. One question...that has never before been asked of you in your lifetimes – but it is a question that is of tremendous importance on this day.

If you choose to answer affirmatively, please respond with the words “I Will” to signify your commitment today and for the rest of your lives together.

Tracy, Will you take Nick to be your husband and promise to keep all of the vows and commitments stated today? I Will

Nick, Will you take Tracy to be your wife and promise to keep all of the vows and commitments stated today? I Will

Tracy and Nick….Nick and Tracy….

You have accepted each other on this day and have pledged to support and care for each other for all of your future days.

You are dedicated to a long lifetime of learning, dialog, and adventures… both as partners, and at times, individuals…with experiences always to be shared.

Finally- Tracy and Nick, you are committed to creating a home filled with warmth, laughter and understanding (and maybe some children).

Whereas Tracy and Nick have requested to be joined together and have pledged their love as witnessed by their Family and Friends today; and have signified their commitment by their statement of vows, placing of the rings and joining of hands...

Now, by the privilege and power vested in me by the state of Pennsylvania, I pronounce you Partners, and Best Friends for Life, or as more commonly known, Husband and Wife.

And to make it even more official, after the ceremony, you must promise to change your Facebook Status.

Breaking of the Glass

The breaking of the glass is a symbol: some say to chase away evil spirits; while other say that Life can be fragile as a piece of glass; but together you are strong and solid and can face any of life’s broken fragments as one, as Husband and Wife.

Tracy and Nick have asked to include this into today’s Matrimonial Merger.

Today, I have asked the Bride and Groom to each break a glass to signify their love together, their new lives together, and the recognition of each other as an equal. And when the glass breaks, we will hear a chorus of Mazel Tov (meaning “Good Luck”) and, Να Ζήσετε (Nah Zee-said-uh) (meaning “To Have a Life-Long Marriage”).

You may seal your LOVE with a kiss!

Place glasses (wrapped in napkin) on floor and allow each to break the glass.


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