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The Wedding of Cindy Larue & Jay Needles

Officiated by Robert Sall Perilstein in Pennsylvania on July 14th, 2019.


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Cindy Larue And Jay Needles’ Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script

The Procession

Officiant enters from the side.

Bride - Cindy LaRue

Groom - Jay Needles

Daughter - Madelyn Rose (Cindy)

Sons - Michael




II. Greeting and Introductions:

Sincere greetings and a heartfelt welcome to everyone here today.

My name is Robert Perilstein serving as the Officiant for this Marriage today. For the record, I am a Minister of the American Marriage Ministries, which allows me to conduct this ceremony, but I don’t get any special parking privileges.

I am very honored to have been asked by Cindy and Jay to be here. The three of us met some time ago, where I had the opportunity to meet Cindy. Since I know the groom so well… there was a brief discussion if I should recuse myself – but fortunately, I have been pardoned by Cindy and Jay….so that I can be here.

And this is a unique ceremony that is comprised of 100% natural, organic love with no added fillers, such as candle-lighting, blessings, or wine drinking. This is a wedding ceremony that is bursting with love, sincerity, and a killer party afterward.

VI. The Ceremony

How does one find their “soulmate”?

You must know, and be clear, about what you want in this person.

You must dream about this person…you must have that desire to find your soulmate.

You must enjoy yourself “in the now” – if you don’t love yourself and what you’re all about – then it’s difficult to find that special person with whom to share your life.

Toss away the obstacles: “I don’t make enough money” “All the good ones are taken” “My hair is too short, too long, too gray, too gone”

And don’t question how it will happen. We live in a magical universe that can bring you exactly what you desire in the most amazing ways.

Some people spend their entire lifetime in search of their soulmate, and it’s the lucky ones that are drawn together by chance.

So let’s talk about KISMET, SERENDIPITY, KARMA, or even good ol’ LADY LUCK.

And this is a story that tells us about certain things that were not meant to be…in order for other precious events to occur.

Kismet / Destiny

Let’s talk about that special night, when you, Cindy, had finished a hard day of work, and headed out to the Churchville Inn for a beer before heading home. That’s when things went very pleasantly wrong for you.

You tell me that the Churchville Inn was slammed and crammed with people and that they there was no way that you were going to enjoy a quick drink.

Serendipity / Providence

Therefore, you kept driving and made your way to the 59 Almshouse restaurant for that desperately needed IPA.

There was one seat at the outdoor patio and you quickly took it.

And as you discussed your order with Larry, who was taking care of you that night, You didn’t notice the man at the bar eating his Corned Beef and Cabbage who was eavesdropping.

Larry sent over your beer…and Larry sent over Jay (who wasn’t on the menu).

Now, at this point, we must realize that Jay was not dressed as well as he is tonight. Therefore, one of Cindy’s first questions was “What’s your deal around here?”. To which Jay responded “I’m unemployed”.

Alright…let’s be clear….that it was NOT at this moment that Cindy thought “this man is a keeper” “This man is my soulmate”. That came later.

Both of you have told me that your conversation continued for a long time that night and at some moment, Jay, you said “I can’t imagine leaving here tonight without your telephone number”, which is something you might have heard in a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie. The forces of KARMA are hard at work that evening.

Your relationship blossomed with trips to New Hope for and afternoon of Kite Flying, visits to Peddler’s Village, and hours at the Free Will Brewery in Perkasie. Indeed…you two were blooming, and you knew it…you simply knew it.

You’ve mentioned me that it was extremely important to introduce each other to your families. Madelyn…this is Jay. Michael, Brian, Noah, Quinten…this is Cindy. And it’s very special to hear that both of you are welcomed into your new family.

This is the story of love and finding that special someone at the perfect time.

Which brings us to this perfect day.

Thank you – statements from Bride and Groom

Jay, you’ve told me about those wonderful qualities of Cindy that mean so much to you. We’d love to hear about them from you.


Cindy… I am so in love with you. Everything about you fascinates me.

You calm me…you soothe me…you have shown me, and will continue to show me, the many beautiful things in life that I have blind to.

Your respect for other people; your determination to achieve the things in life that others may take for granted; your passion for your daughter; your passion for all of the wonderful things that life offers.

I have the utmost respect and love for you; and I’m grateful that you want to share yourself with me.



X. Reading the Marriage Vows

Today is the union of two amazing people, truly stronger together than apart.

You have expressed your gratitude for those special qualities of each other.

And now, you have made this decision together. The decision to bring your lives together, to experience the rest of life together

Cindy and Jay would like to share their commitments to their marriage today.


….state one sentence of your commitment for marriage. Then say:

You are the one. My search is over. I am committing myself to you and to our relationship. Together…we have it all!


I instantly fell in love with you for your beautiful soul and kind eyes.

I fell in love with your passion for the world, for people and animals, for our environment. I want to live with you and learn from you for the rest of my life.

You are the one. My search is over. I am committing myself to you and to our relationship. Together…we have it all!


Present the Rings: These rings are a symbol of your unbroken circle of love, freely given, with no beginning and no end. You are both the Giver and Receiver. May these rings always remind you of the vows that you have expressed today, and your faithful love and devotion for each other.

Exchange of Rings: places the ring on finger and then vice-versa.

And standing here with you two, (and knowing the importance of music in your lives) I am reminded of the lyrics to a wonderful song:

Love is lovelier the second time around

Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground

It's that second time you hear your love song sung

Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, can be wasted on the young

And as here we stand today, as the song tells us, for the both of you (in the 2nd half of your lives), it is indeed lovely the 2nd time around.

The Question

I have but one question to ask each of you. One, single question… but it is a question that is of tremendous importance on this day.

If you choose to answer affirmatively, please respond with the words “I Will” to signify your commitment today and for the rest of your lives together.

Cindy, Will you take this man, Jay Needles, to be your husband and promise to keep the vows and commitments stated by you today? I Will

Jay, you have been swept off of your feet this year with this wonderful woman. And after all that you’ve stated today in front of everyone here, Will you take Cindy to be your wife and promise to keep all of the vows and commitments stated by you today? I Will

Whereas Cindy and Jay have requested to be joined together and have pledged their love as witnessed by their Family and Friends today; and have signified their commitment by their statement of vows, placing of the rings and joining of hands...

Now, by the privilege and power vested in me, I pronounce you partners and best friends for life, or as more commonly known, Husband and Wife.

And to make it even more official, after the ceremony, you must promise to change your Facebook Status.

XII. Breaking of the Glass Props: 2 light bulbs each wrapped in cloth napkin

It is traditional in many weddings (albeit Jewish) to end the ceremony with the breaking of the glass by the groom.

I have been asked to include this into today’s Matrimonial Merger.

Today, I have asked the Bride and Groom to each break a glass to signify their love together, their new lives together, and the recognition of each other as an equal.

The breaking of the glass is a symbol: some say to chase away evil spirits; while other say that Life can be fragile as a piece of glass; but together you are strong and solid and can face any of life’s broken fragments as one, as Husband and Wife. (Step on glasses)

You may seal your Covenants to each other with a kiss!


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