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The Wedding of Alex & Rianna

Officiated by Kathrine Vass in Connecticut on August 4th, 2018.


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Alex And Rianna’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


What greater way to spend a beautiful day, than by celebrating these two wonderful people, Rianna and Alex, as they unite their lives in marriage.

Throughout their journeys, they’ve both experienced moments that became sign posts along their way.

These “miracle turns”, as Alex describes them, came in the form of kind advice from a neighbor or supporting words from a family member.

These moments, ever so gently, guided Rianna and Alex towards each other, bringing us all here to this day.

Today, before all of you that love them, they will declare: “No matter the length of this path or pace of this journey, I will walk with you forever.”

Presentation of the Bride:

But starting this journey begins with a choice and a blessing so I ask, who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

RIANNA: “I give myself, with my family’s blessing.”

(Rianna hugs her Dad. Dad hugs or shakes hands with Alex and is seated.)


On behalf of Rianna and Alex, I would like to thank each one of you for being here today. And for those who are not present, may we remember that they are always with us in spirit. When you are thankful for the people you have, words often don’t seem adequate. As this day continues, Rianna and Alex aim to show just how thankful they are to have each one of you in their lives.


In getting to know you both, to say I’m impressed is quite an understatement. Two adventurers that met by chance but share so many of the same fine qualities. You both have this amazing work ethic and spirit of perseverance. You both believe that, if something is really important, you have to go out into the world and work hard to get it. And you both know that sometimes - finding your greatest joy -

takes a huge leap of faith.

When we talked, each of you had your moments of frustration and uncertainty on your separate journeys. Moments that had you asking yourself: “How did I end up here?”

But now, you look back and see - each step, whether up or down, was just the details that would make up an even grander story that you couldn’t even imagine. And guess what? It’s about to get even better!

It’s no secret you’ve seen your share of adversity along your way. But I think you both can agree, it’s made you stronger, it’s made you partners and it’s created a very special, unbreakable bond.

Alex - It was in her smile, right? She had you.

And Rianna, right from the start - he really impressed you?


So now, it’s time for the next step in journey:

Rianna and Alex, you stand here today with the intent to join your lives in the state of marriage. Please remember, that love is not just a feeling but also an action. Every day you must choose to treat your partner with respect, kindness and loyalty. You must have their best interests at heart. You must allow for growth and change as individuals and as a couple. You must practice patience and good communication, always.

Understanding this, do you both enter into this commitment freely and without reservation?”


Do you, Alex, promise to take Rianna as your wife and partner, for better or worse, in sickness or in health, through all the ups and downs that life may throw at you? Do you promise to walk with her and her alone, and by her side until you part ways in death?

ALEX: “I do.”

Do you Rianna, promise to take Alex as your husband and partner, for better or worse, in sickness or in health, through all the ups and downs that life may throw at you? Do you promise to walk with him and him alone and by his side until you part ways in death?

RIANNA: “I do.”

“At this time, Rianna and Alex would like to share with each other their own words of love and promise.”


I would like to ask you all to please stand.

The Wedding ring, the unending circle, is forged from precious metals for a reason - it makes it built to last. So too is this circle - built from you - the precious family and friends that now surround Rianna and Alex.

I will now pass their rings around the circle. I ask of each of you - Please, lay your hands on them, add your love to make them stronger than just the metal they’re made from.

Take this moment to give this couple what they need for a lasting marriage: This can be a word of advice - either aloud or silently in your heart - or just a loving touch and then pass them on.

(once rings return to me)

Thank you all for the gift you have just given.


Rings are very special to Rianna —

There is the matching family ring she and her mother wear daily.

The ring Alex gave her for a very special Christmas gift.

The ring that keeps her connected to her grandmother Fran

and the ring imbued with the love of Grandma Nina and Grandpa Paul, borrowed for this special day.

And, of course, the ring Alex gave her when he asked her to spend forever with him.

Each one is a reminder of love from special people

and of special moments.

Rianna, it’s time for another ring.

Alex, please repeat after me:

Rianna, there was a hole in my heart that you filled.

You are my boundless source of love.

Take this ring as a daily hug from me and

remember everyday how much I love you.

Rianna, please repeat after me:

Alex, you are the greatest source of joy in my life.

Everyday, you recharge me and make me whole.

Take this ring as a daily hug from me and

remember everyday how much I love you.


Before we get this celebration underway,

a few final thoughts & wishes:

Be thankful for each other everyday.

Don’t rush - Anything good is worth the wait.

Rianna, let Alex roll the toothpaste tube.

It’s cleaner that way and it makes him happy.

Alex, keep telling Rianna your proposal story.

She loves the way you tell it and fills her with joy.

May your arguments never be more heated than a debate over which is the X and which is the O.

May your adventures be awesome and may you experience life with great explosions of joy.

I truly wish the best of everything for you both -

it’s been my pleasure!

Rianna and Alex, you have just pledged your love and life to each other encircled by your amazing family and friends. I can’t think of a better way to start your life together.

So it is with great joy and with the power vested in me by the state of Connecticut that I now pronounce you, husband and wife.

Please share your first married kiss.

It is my honor to present for the first time, Mr & Mrs Alex & Rianna L


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