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The Wedding of
Rachel Dowell & Daniel McRae

Officiated by Ravi S Pimplaskar in Georgia on September 2nd, 2018. .


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Rachel Dowell And Daniel Mc Rae’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


It’s such a pleasure to see so many smiling beautiful faces here. Welcome to all. We’re here today to witness the joining of two hearts - Rachel and Daniel. Out of the routine of ordinary life - Rachel and Daniel did the extraordinary. They fell in love.

While romance is fun, true love is amazing - and their desire to do that for life is what we’re here to celebrate today. But this is also a celebration for all of us who have joined them in beautiful St. Simon’s Island. We get to see two wonderful people, special in all our lives, come together as one supremely awesome couple - who will set forth from here and, as Daniel would say, dominate life.

So for the next 15 minutes or so - before we have a few drinks, maybe go hard in the paint, probably hear some Zac Brown band, and definitely share some laughs and smiles - let’s all enjoy the pleasure of seeing the union of two people so delightfully suited to one another. So if you approve of this itinerary, let’s get started with a round of applause for love.

Seems unanimous…. Let’s Do This!

Please be seated.

So for those that don’t know me - my name is Ravi. I first met Daniel in early 2012. We became quick friends… err, sorry… quick Bro-tato chips with each other. So I wasn’t surprised in December 2013 when he was insistent that I meet him in Dupont Circle to meet “this new girl I’m seeing”. There was just one problem… I just had reconstructive knee surgery, was on crutches, and he sent me to a bar that had 3 flights of stairs. So I texted him that I was going home…. And, a miracle happened. For those that know Daniel, he isn’t the quickest to respond to text. But he got back to me right away and told him to meet him across the street at a place with no stairs.

He came in with this beautiful girl by his side a few minutes later. Now - for those that know Rachel, she hates being out after 10 pm and it was pretty close to 11. I’ve since chatted with her about that evening, and sure enough she told me she just wanted to go home that night. However, Daniel was so excited to introduce her to me that she endured. And I’m really glad he was insistent and that she endured. There’s a quote from Einstein that says, basically, that you can put your hand on a stove for a minute and it can feel like an hour. Meanwhile, you can sit next to a pretty girl for an hour and it can feel like a minute. And that’s relevant here - because it was obvious to me right away that even though these two had only known each other for 2 weeks, they had already a lifetime worth of love between them.

Rachel and Daniel - please face each other and hold hands.

Words of Wisdom

A good marriage must be created.

In marriage the "little" things are the big things.

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say, ”I love you" at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It’s always being ok when Rachel wants to go home at 10 pm.

It’s always making sure there is room in the bed when Daniel comes home at 2 am.

It’s about occasionally rooting for Michigan St.

And it’s also about occasionally rooting for one of Daniel’s 24 favorite sports teams.

It is not only marrying the right person -- it is being the right partner

Special Readings

Now… because I am a little tired of talking… I will turn the ceremony to some very special people in Rachel and Daniel’s life.

(Introduce Shawn)

(Shawn McRae - TBD)

(Introduce Matt)

(Matt Rogal - Life is Like Golf Balls)

Exchange of WOWs

A vow to each other is defined specifically as a solemn promise. So the promises you make today - they are stuck to you for life. And if you break them, I will personally show up at your house and shame you publicly.

But in honesty, while the vows made to each other today may last, we all know that as love evolves, our promises and needs change. So instead of vows, I like to refer to this as the Exchange of WOWs… the little things that you will do that will WOW your partner out of their socks…. Or other pieces of clothing.

Rachel - your turn to WOW Daniel….

(Rachel reads WOWs to Daniel)

Daniel - what would you like to WOW Rachel with…

(Daniel reads WOWs to Rachel)

WOW. That was WOW-nderful.

I Do's

Rachel do you take Daniel to be your wedded Husband? ("I do")

Do you promise to love, cherish and tolerate him? ("I do")

Do you promise not to angrily throw his flip flops in the closet? ("I do")

And do you promise to love him when he’s upset when one of his 26 sports teams lose. ("I do")

Daniel do you take Rachel to be your wedded Wife? ("I do")

Do you promise to love, cherish and protect her?("I do")

Do you promise not to leave your flip flops on the floor so Rachel won’t have a reason to angrily throw them in the closet? ("I do")

And Do you promise to love her even when she is cranky because you insisted on being the DJ for every road trip? ("I do")

Ring Exchange

Who has the rings? .

Repeat after me.

Rachel puts ring on Daniel - Daniel, with this ring, I take you to be my husband forever.

Daniel puts ring on Rachel - Rachel, with this ring, I take you to be my wife forever.


To make your relationship work will take love. This is the core of your marriage and why you are here today.

To make your relationship work will take trust and understanding. This means when you are wrong, Daniel - admit it. And when you are right, Rachel - shut the heck up!

And it will take commitment, to hold true to the journey you both have pledged to today.

By the power vested in me by the lords of the Internet, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

The Kiss

Daniel - you may now kiss your bride, Rachel.

(Ravi makes brief toast): I would Like to introduce the happy couple


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