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Angela S Peckinpaugh

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Sarah & Seth


The Wedding of
Sarah Marie Cearns & Seth William Steele Wolfgang Seip

Officiated by Angela S Peckinpaugh at Home Wedding in Decatur, Indiana on September 28th, 2018. Witnessed by Shalynn and Joel.


"It was wonderful to have the experience of marrying one of my best friends. To be such an integral part of her wedding was more than I could ask for. I was nervous the majority of the week leading up to the wedding but practiced with other friends and family. I enjoyed building the ceremony and letting the bride and groom tweak as the day go closer. I was worried that I was going to talk way too much, but it all worked out wonderfully in the end. I surprised myself by being able to take control over the rehearsal and making sure everyone was ready and in place the day of. It was perfect and I thank AMM for making it possible for me to do!!!"

- Angela S Peckinpaugh -


Sarah Marie Cearns And Seth William Steele Wolfgang Seip’s Wedding Wedding Ceremony Script


Good Evening! We would like to welcome all of you and thank you dearly for being here today.

We are gathered here this evening, in the presence of friends and family, to bear witness to and celebrate the joining of Sarah Marie Cearns and Seth William Steele Wolfgang Seip.

Today – is a celebration of two people who have chosen “forever”. And as Sarah and Seth stand in front of those they hold near and dear to their hearts, looking fancy and holding flowers, it is important for us to reflect on why we have a ceremony, such as this…. Because you don’t need a ceremony to have a marriage. However, the marriage ceremony has been an important aspect across nearly every culture, religion, generation, and society. ---- Why is this?

Its because despite all of our difference, love is what we all share. It is the great unifier. Our one universal truth. That no matter who we are, where we’ve come from, what we believe, we know this one thing: love is what we are doing right – and in this moment, we are reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity.

Love stories have chapters that are sad or disappointing – and others that are exciting and full of adventure. Sarah and Seth have experienced so much together already. From learning about each other at the very beginning of their relationship, like how Seth soon realized that Sarah cries with every emotion, to navigating the ups and downs of the days they have spent together since. They have had the pleasure of celebrating and laughing with each other, for instance, when Seth provides narration for animals during documentaries, as well as experiencing and supporting each other through the struggles and sadness that life, at times, brings their way.

The beauty of their journey so far – is that through it all – they conquer it together. Their bond is stronger than ever and their devotion and commitment runs deeper than we can fathom.

Seth, you have become a solid foundation for Sarah. you bring her comfort and reassurance when she may not be able to find it anywhere else. You have become a source of great joy and laughter for her – undeniably apparent through the way she smiles when she speaks of you. You treat her with respect and value her for the incredible woman she has become.

And Sarah. Sarah, you have become a guiding light for Seth. You provide him with stability and accountability when he may need it the most. You have allowed for Seth to be none other than himself while also challenging him to think outside the box. Your admiration and appreciation for each other manifests itself in the way you work together as a team.

I’m here – and we are all here – because we want these moments for you. We are here to hope with you. To support you. To be proud of you. And to remind you that love isn’t necessarily happily ever after – love is getting to experience writing your own story.

It's not one moment – not even this moment. It's every moment. Big ones like saying “I love you” or moving in together,– but most of all the million little ones that come in between the big moments. Falling asleep next to one another, making dinner together, binge-watching The Office, getting a hug when you get home from work, or even listening to the other explain that they accidentally purchased kayaks online…… these are the everyday moments that join together into one, big, beautiful experience.

You fell in love by chance, but you’re here today because you’re making a choice. You both are choosing each other. You’ve chosen to be with someone who enhances you, who makes you think, makes you smile, and makes every day brighter. You’ve chosen to be with someone who will support you, appreciate you, value you, and above all, love you.


Seth, Sarah, Please join hands. Look at one another and remember this moment in time.

Will you, Seth, keep Sarah as your favorite person – to accept her as none-other-than herself, to stand by her side, to laugh with her, go on adventures with her, support her through life’s toughest moments, be proud of her, grow old with her, and find new reasons to love her every day?


Will you Sarah, keep Seth as your favorite person - to accept him as none other than himself, to stand by his side, to laugh with him, go on adventures with him, support him through life’s toughest moments, be proud of him, grow old with him, and find new reasons to love him every day?



Seth and Sarah, you have written your vows of commitment to one another. Vows that you make now, before God, and all of these witnesses. It is with these words that you will express your love to one another and what that love means to you. Seth, will you please make your vow and commitment to Sarah?


Sarah, will you please now make your vow and commitment to Seth?



You’ve both chosen to wear rings as a constant reminder of these promises you just made. People often say that wedding bands are a perfect circle, with no beginning and no end. But these rings did have a beginning. These rings began as a simple metal. Metal that was shaped and molded, taking long hours of work and being painstakingly polished to finally turn into something beautiful and with great meaning.

Love is like this. It comes from humble beginnings – and through hard work, determination, and a little serendipity, imperfect beings shape it into something extraordinary.

As you look at these rings that Seth created for you, I hope you remember that. You’ve created something invaluable, and just how you will protect these rings, you will protect the commitments you’ve made to one another today.

SETH, as you place this ring on Sarah’s finger, repeat after me.


you are the love of my life,

My very best friend.

Wear this ring as a reminder of my love, faithfulness, and commitment to our life.


SARAH, as you place this ring on Seth’s finger, repeat after me.

Seth, you are the love of my life,

My very best friend.

Wear this ring as a reminder of my love, faithfulness, and commitment to our life.


Seth and Sarah, you have come here today of your own free will and in the presence of family and loved ones. You have declared your love and commitment to each other. You have given and received rings as a symbol of your promises. By the power of your love and commitment to each other, and by the power vested in me by the State of Indiana, I know pronounce you husband and wife.

Seth, You may now Kiss your BRIDE!

Family, friends, and loved ones. May I now present to you the newly married couple, MR. and MRS. Seth Seip!

Family, if you could please stick around for pictures. All others, feel free to join us at Union Township reception hall. There will be light refreshments while we wait to continue celebrating with the bride and groom at 6:30pm.


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