Allentown, Pennsylvania Wedding Guide

Become a Wedding Officiant in Allentown as an AMM Ordained Minister. Learn more about getting ordained in Pennsylvania, officiant training, wedding ceremony planning, and more.

How to Officiate a Wedding in Allentown, Pennsylvania

‘Think you have to venture to New York City or Philadelphia to achieve the New England wedding of your dreams? We say, no! While less glitzy and glamorous than its neighboring metropolises, the quiet Lehigh Valley is chock full of fabulous wedding venues (and fabulous people, for that matter!)


We know there’s an endless list of things to do before you walk down the aisle, but before you get too wrapped up in the details, we’re here to help you get the important things out of the way, such as getting your officiant-of-choice ordained for the big day and completing your marriage license application correctly.


Here in our guide, we have all the information about how to get married in Lehigh County to make sure your Allentown celebration goes as smoothly as possible. So without further ado, let’s get into the guide.

Pennsylvania Wedding Tips and Tricks

Become a Wedding Officiant

For The
Wedding Officiant

STEP 1: Get ordained with American Marriage Ministries


Let’s start with the ordainment process. According to Pennsylvania state law, “every religious society, religious institution or religious organization in this Commonwealth may join persons together in marriage when at least one of the persons is a member of the society, institution or organization, according to the rules and customs of the society, institution or organization."


If you do not fall into any of these categories, no sweat. You can get ordained with us to become a minister of AMM. The process is free and takes just a few minutes.


When it comes time to perform your duties as the officiant, Lehigh County may ask you to present documentation, which AMM provides for a fee. (You can call the county clerk’s office before you perform the ceremony to ask if they will require you to bring the certificate in person.)


The Pennsylvania Government does not license, register, or certify ministers or wedding officiants, so once you are signed up with us, you may start performing weddings in the state!


STEP 2: Prepare for the Ceremony in Lehigh County


Now that the easy part is out of the way, we can help you prepare for the wedding ceremony itself. Being asked to officiate a ceremony is an honor, but can feel like a lot of pressure. You will appreciate our wedding training pages, which are a library of information to help you prepare for your first ceremony and ensure that it goes smoothly. 


Here you can find everything from sample wedding ceremony scripts, to brainstorming prompts, tips for preparation, and more.

STEP 3: Officiate the Wedding and Complete the Marriage License


When it comes time to complete the marriage license, it’s the couple’s responsibility to obtain it, but be sure to double-check that they have it on hand on the day of the ceremony, as you will need to help them complete it and notarize it in order to make the marriage official.


The Clerk of Orphans’ Court, which is responsible for issuing and filing marriage licenses, will expect the marriage license to be returned within 10 days of the ceremony. Someone should be designated to ensure that the marriage license is mailed back to the office. If you want to be an A+ officiant, offer to take care of this final step for the couple so that they can enjoy their honeymoon without having to worry about returning their marriage license.


The application comes in an envelope. Just be sure to address it to:

Marriage License Office, Room 123.5, Lehigh County Courthouse, 455 West Hamilton Street, Allentown PA 18101.

Pennsylvania Wedding

How To Get Married in Allentown

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Now let’s turn our attention to the couple’s responsibilities! To obtain your marriage license, you will need to provide:



Email these items to [email protected]. You will be contacted with a time slot to come in and complete your application with the clerk of orphans’ court.


Later, at your in-person appointment, you will need to make the $100 payment (in cash or with credit card) and bring proof of your SSN, such as a social security card or another document that lists your SSN, like a W-2 form.


Once you have been issued your marriage license, you will have 60 days to get married before the license expires. On the day of the wedding, your officiant will help you fill it out correctly.

Lehigh County Marriage License Info

Important Facts to know before filing for a marriage license in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Issuance Office: 455 West Hamilton Street

Fee: $100

Waiting Period: 72 hours

Expiration: 60 days

Return: By mail within 10 days

Allentown Wedding Tips and Tricks

Wedding Venue and Planning Tips

For The Couple
& Officiant

The Basics


Now onto the fun stuff, wedding planning! First things first. When choosing your wedding date, you should consider some of the larger events that take place in Allentown throughout the year. It’s a good idea to avoid planning your event on the same day as a major event or festival, especially if your desired wedding venue is nearby to any of these events, as crowds and traffic will be a real pain for your guests.


Speaking of venues, we’ll give you the scoop on our top favorites in the area. If you’re looking for a classic indoor venue for the big day, look no further than The Vault 634. Built in 1911, this venue oozes vintage elegance.


Or, if you’ve always dreamed of dancing the night away before a glowing city backdrop, you can make your dream a reality at the Renaissance Allentown Hotel. This downtown venue also has both indoor and outdoor spaces, so depending on the weather, you’re covered.


But if you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor venue, out of the way of the city, the Lehigh Country Club should be high up on your list. Its manicured grounds make for a stunning spot to say your “I do’s.” (Plus, this spot is just 15 minutes south of town!)


However, note that your Lehigh-issued marriage license is valid anywhere in the state of Philadelphia, so don’t feel limited by county lines when choosing your venue!




If you’re coming in from out of town and you want to avoid a trip to the airport, you can connect to Philadelphia through Amtrak, which is only 65 miles away from Allentown. Lyft/Uber are handy for getting around town during your stay, but if you don’t want to rack up a lot of charges, you may want to utilize Allentown’s public transportation. The Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority runs a network of bus routes through the city and the rest of the Lehigh Valley, many of which operate seven days a week, but make sure to visit the LANTA website because certain routes are not run over weekends. 




One great thing about Pennsylvania is its four seasons. Fall is a beautiful time for a wedding in the area, as the oak and maple trees are in transition. Winter can be quite cold, with the average daily high at about 34 degrees in December. Snow and ice aren’t too common, but the area usually sees at least a few inches a year. Springs are also beautiful in the Lehigh Valley. Late spring (before the heat and humidity show up in July) would be the perfect time for an outdoor wedding.


However, it may be worth looking into investing in wedding insurance, as weather can be quite unpredictable in Philadelphia, in general. Wedding insurance doesn’t cost much -- it’s lower than you might think. And if a storm rolls in unexpectedly, you’ll be glad you’re covered.

Allentown Officiant FAQ

Allentown Officiant & Couples FAQ

For The Couple
& Officiant

Are Internet ministers legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Internet ministers and AMM ministers can legally perform marriage ceremonies in the state of Pennsylvania.


Do I need to register my officiant credentials with the state of Pennsylvania?

No. The state/city government does not keep track of ministers or their credentials, so as long as you’re ordained through a legitimate organization, you can officiate weddings.


Can the couple get married outside of Lehigh County if they have a Lehigh county marriage license?

The couple can get married anywhere in the state with their Lehigh County marriage license.


How far in advance should we apply for our marriage license?

Do not apply more than 60 days in advance, as your marriage license expires 60 days from its date of issuance.


Who should return the marriage license?

With COVID-19, the license needs to be mailed in by either the couple or the officiant. Directions are detailed above in the officiant’s section.


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