Asked to Officiate $40

Your friend or family member asked you to officiate one of the most important events in their life and you said yes. Now what?

Asked to Officiate is a phenomenal workbook that is designed to walk you through the entire process:

  • How to Make it Legal - figuring out the legalities, etc.
  • Writing the Ceremony - what should the structure be, how long of a ceremony, etc.
  • Preparing to Present the Ceremony - how should the ceremony be printed, tips to smooth delivery, etc.
  • Managing Ceremony Logistics - what should you do in regards to standing and sitting, what to do with rings, flowers, etc.

In addition, the Ceremony Creation chapter breaks the wedding ceremony down into manageable pieces with pre-written options. You can literally cut and paste the ceremony together in no time.

We recommend this comprehensive book to all ministers seeking additional information.