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Hugo Ralph Jackson

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Hugo Ralph Jackson's Minister Bio

Hi! I'm Hugo, a fantasy author living in North Carolina. I grew up in a small town called Chichester in the South of England, and moved to the States in 2012 to live with my wife. Since moving here I've come to learn huge amounts more of myself than I anticipated, on personal, spiritual, and creative levels, and this has been a huge driving force in my life here. I believe in kindness, honesty, and authenticity above all else. I've always loved the tenets of self-improvement and reverence for nature in spiritualities like Buddhism and Shintoism, and admire the social progressiveness of Christian sects like Quakerism. I believe there should be a place for everyone to feel welcome, and have a safe space to grow and live authentically. I am hugely pro-LGBTQIA+ rights and diverse representation, a proud feminist, and advocate for mental health awareness. Creatively, I feel like I've done a lot, but it never feels like enough. Back in the UK I used to teach stage combat workshops for school and community groups and took part in local archery contests, and historical combat demonstrations with the Raven Tor Living History group. I managed to play small parts in professional movie, TV, and theatre shows, and performed with the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre a few times. I've published the first two novels in my young adult fantasy series, The Resonance Tetralogy, with UK publisher Inspired Quill. When not writing, I spend a lot of time making costumes conventions. I've made dozens of props and cosplays, and intend to make many more yet, as long as I can keep getting books written regularly. I play video games and Dungeons and Dragons semi-regularly and am about four years behind on my anime watch list.

Hugo's Spiritual Beliefs

(Non-Denominational) Non-Denominational

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