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Tresie M Lopez

Minister ID: 466648-203322

Tresie M Lopez's Minister Bio

Location : 4615 Meadow Cliff Drive Memphis TN 38125 I don't accept any Checks of any kind. Only Cash, debit cards, or credit cards were square is acceptable in person payments only . Please have your marriage License, Proof of residence, birth certificate, pass port, Green Card, Immigration paperwork, Workers permit . Available so that I can make a copy for state and government proof if we're born outside the country and wish to have a marriage perform within the United States of America to your future spouse. I'm a real Ordained and License Minister, Life Coach, Spiritual Counseling, License Phycologist A graduate of PSU ,Missionary Seminary & Universal Life Church. Connect and License with America Marriage Ministers A board member of Tennessee National Pastors Association I am License Ordained Independent Marriage Minister and, Notary Pastor Counselor and Psychologist My strong belief's in Christ Jesus is very important too me. I will be pleased to help you with Pre-marriage Counseling if needed. Pre-marital counseling is a very important step before leaping into such a big life choice, too know your partner is too know ones self. If you are in need of a Marriage Counselor I am license in this area. 1.Please no last min. wedding without a marriage license. 2.No checks of any kind are accepted. 3.No payment demands. I will let you know my payment amount . 4. You must leave contact information like a real cell number or a email address or information about yourself the bride and groom name, their parents name, were the event is taking place time and date I will not take your inquiry seriously unless you leave correct information. 5. Yes, I can preform marriage ceremony's in my office as long as you have your Marriage License from the State of Tennessee a resident of Tennessee a State of Tennessee Goverment State ID , GREEN CARD, VISAS, PASSPORT , or State Government Driver's license Alone with your Birth Certificate 6 I will block your email address and take that you are playing games. On my email account or business phone. Yes, You may contact me by telephone, or social media Facebook ,goggle duo ,or Text message You may email me or Zoom [email protected] or Facebook me @, The Counseling Cafe Ministries , I look forward to preparing you and your spouse for a life time commented with one another for years to come. Performing the following weddings, Private Weddings, Prison Weddings, Last minute Weddings, House Calls, or you may visit my office if you live in Memphis TN. What I do for you an your spouse so that your day will be a outstanding one that you will remember for a life time of wonderful moments to come. I offer Premarital Counseling six weeks to six months before your wedding. You will receive a Premarital Counseling Certificate Notarized by me if you choose to take this course it will cost $400.00 know acceptions With God's Holy blessing may peace always be with you until we meet. email [email protected] P.S. keep in mind I do not accept Personal or Business Checks of any kind I only accept the following payments : Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Debit, post office money orders or Credit cards Cash upon delivery only. Sorry for the incovenience's of not accepting checks due to bad checks in the pass. I don't accept any checks. My the Lord shine upon your marriage forever . Sincerely Doctor /Pastor Tresie Lopez Contact information 901-690-9696 662-912-6604 Thank you for your business Si habla Espanol Website: Physical Address; The Counseling Cafe Ministries and Notary Public Service 4615 Meadow Cliff Drive Memphis TN 38125

Tresie's Spiritual Beliefs

(Christian) Baptist

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