Vermont Marriage Laws

5131 - Issuance of marriage license; solemnization; return of marriage certificate

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Vermont Statutes - Title 18: Health ? Part 6: Births, Marriages and Deaths ? Chapter 105: Marriage Records and Licenses

Issuance of marriage license; solemnization; return of marriage certificate

(a) (1) Upon application in a form prescribed by the department, a town clerk shall issue to a person a civil marriage license in the form prescribed by the department and shall enter thereon the names of the parties to the proposed marriage, fill out the form as far as practicable and retain in the clerk's office a copy thereof. (2) The department shall prescribe forms that allow each party to a marriage to be designated "bride," "groom," or "spouse," as he or she chooses, and the application shall be in substantially the following form: VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH APPLICATION FOR VERMONT LICENSE OF CIVIL MARRIAGE FEE FOR CIVIL MARRIAGE LICENSE: $ 45.00, FEE FOR CERTIFIED COPY $ 10.00 BRIDE/GROOM/SPOUSE (circle one) =ig;vtmarriagelicenseforms3 =ig;vtmarriagelicenseforms2 BRIDE/GROOM/SPOUSE (circle one) =ig;vtmarriagelicenseforms3 =ig;vtmarriagelicenseforms4 Date License issued Clerk issuing License This worksheet may be destroyed after marriage is registered. (3) At least one party to the proposed marriage shall sign the certifying application to the accuracy of the facts so stated. The license shall be issued by the clerk of the town where either party resides or, if neither is a resident of the state, by any town clerk in the state. (b) A marriage license so issued shall be delivered by one of the parties to the proposed marriage, within 60 days from the date of issue to a person authorized to solemnize marriages by section 5144 of this title. If the proposed marriage is not solemnized within 60 days from the date of issue, such license shall become void. After such person has solemnized the marriage, he or she shall fill out that part of the form on the license provided for his or her use, sign and certify to the same. Thereafter the document shall be known as a marriage certificate. (c) Such certificate shall be returned within ten days to the office of the town clerk from which the license issued by the person solemnizing such marriage. The town clerk shall retain and file the original according to sections 5007 and 5008 of this title.

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