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15-3.1-3 - License requirements

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State of Rhode Island General Laws ? Title 15: Domestic Relations ? Chapter 15-3.1 : Civil Unions

License requirements

(a) Persons intending to form a civil union in this state must first obtain a license from the town or city in which: (1) One of the parties to the civil union resides; or (2) In the case of both parties being nonresidents of this state the city or town in which the proposed civil union is to be performed. (b) Before any license shall be issued to any person who, having previously been married or been a party in a civil union to someone other than their intended civil union partner, the person shall present to the town or city clerk a certified copy of the decree granting the divorce or dissolving the civil union. (c) The license required in: (a) shall be valid for three (3) months after the date of issue, and if unused at the expiration of the three (3) months, the party or parties having the possession of the license shall immediately return it to the town or city clerk from whom it was obtained. (d) License fee. For issuing the civil union license the town or city clerk shall collect a fee of twenty-four dollars ($24.00). The city or town shall retain eight dollars ($8.00), and transmit sixteen dollars ($16.00) to the general treasurer of the State of Rhode Island who shall be responsible for depositing eight dollars ($8.00) of the sixteen dollars ($16.00) received into the family and children trust fund created by Rhode Island general laws § 42-72-30. Each clerk shall keep an accurate account of all fees charged and received under this section and shall transmit all sums due to the general treasurer at least monthly in the manner and with the forms which the general treasurer shall prescribe. (e) The several town and city clerks shall record, in separate books to be kept by them for that purpose, the information furnished to them and subscribed to as provided in this section. Further, town and city clerks shall treat the civil union certificate as a vital record pursuant to Rhode Island general laws chapter 23-3.

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(P.L. 2011, ch. 198, § 1.)

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