Missouri Marriage Laws

451.260 - Rents of married person's real estate exempt from liability for spouse's debts, when

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Missouri Revised Statutes - Title XXX: Domestic Relations - Chapter 451: Marriage, Marriage Contracts, and Rights of Married Women

Rents of married person's real estate exempt from liability for spouse's debts, when

The rents, issues and products of the real estate of any married person, and all moneys and obligations arising from the sale of such real estate, and the interest of such person's spouse in such person's right in any real estate which belonged to such person before marriage, or which he or she may have acquired by gift, grant, devise or inheritance during coverture, shall, during coverture, be exempt from attachment or levy of execution for the sole debts of his or her spouse; and no conveyance made during coverture by such spouse of such rents, issues and products, or of any interest in such real estate, shall be valid, unless the same be by deed executed by the spouse jointly with the * other spouse, and acknowledged by him or her in the manner now provided by law; provided, such annual products may be attached or levied upon for any debt or liability of his or her spouse, created for necessaries for the spouse and family, and for debts for labor or materials furnished upon or for the cultivation or improvement of such real estate.

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(RSMo 1939 § 3389, A.L. 2001 H.B. 537)

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