Connecticut Marriage Laws

Sec. 46b-36g - Enforcement of premarital agreement

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General Statutes of Connecticut - Volume 12 - Title 46b: Family Law - Chapter 815e: Marriage

Enforcement of premarital agreement

(a) A premarital agreement or amendment shall not be enforceable if the party against whom enforcement is sought proves that: (1) Such party did not execute the agreement voluntarily; or (2) The agreement was unconscionable when it was executed or when enforcement is sought; or (3) Before execution of the agreement, such party was not provided a fair and reasonable disclosure of the amount, character and value of property, financial obligations and income of the other party; or (4) Such party was not afforded a reasonable opportunity to consult with independent counsel. (b) If a provision of a premarital agreement modifies or eliminates spousal support and such modification or elimination causes one party to the agreement to be eligible for support under a program of public assistance at the time of separation or marital dissolution, a court, notwithstanding the terms of the agreement, may require the other party to provide support to the extent necessary to avoid such eligibility. (c) An issue of unconscionability of a premarital agreement shall be decided by the court as a matter of law.

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(P.A. 95-170, S. 6, 11.)

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Sec. 46b-36g

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