How to Officiate Weddings in Las Vegas

5 Steps to Minister Registration with the Clark County Clerk

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Las Vegas might be the “Wedding Capital of the World,” but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the easiest place to register as a wedding officiant with the local government. In fact, Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, has strict requirements that wedding officiants have to follow before performing wedding ceremonies. For out-of-towners, or first-time officiants, these requirements might be daunting, but we’ve broken them down into easy-to-follow steps, so that you can focus on what really matters – performing the wedding ceremony.

All Wedding Officiants Must Register with the Clark County Clerk

The Clark County Clerk has two registration options for wedding officiants: You can request permission to perform a Single Ceremony or you can apply for Permanent Status. Where you live, the number of weddings you plan to perform, and the time and resources you want to dedicate will determine which option you choose, so let’s start by comparing the two.


  • Available to Residents and Non-Residents of Nevada.
  • Requires the couple to sign a Character Reference Affidavit in the presence of a Notary.
  • Requires you to take an online Single Ceremony Marriage Officiant Training Course.
  • Requires you to pay a total application fee of $25.
  • Your certification can take up to 30 days.
  • Go To Single Ceremony Instructions


  • Only available to Clark County, Nevada residents.
  • Officiant must attend a 2 Hour Officiant Training Course at the Clark County Government Center.
  • Requires officiant to complete a background check. This incurs an additional fee and processing time.
  • Your certification can take more than 30 days.
  • Go To Permanent Status Instructions

    If those requirements seem complicated, don’t worry. At this point all you need to do is ask yourself whether you want to perform more than one ceremony, and how much time and energy you want to expend. For many wedding officiants, the single ceremony registration is all that’s required and it’s pretty painless if you follow these steps:

    Clark County Marriage License Info

    Below is important information pertaining to marriage licenses issued in Clark County. For clarification on what this information means you can check out our Marriage License Laws Explained page.

    • Issuance Office: Clark County Clerk's Office
    • Fee: $77
    • Waiting Period: None
    • Expiration: 1 Year
    • Return: Before Expiration

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    Las Vegas Single Ceremony Application Instructions

  • 1 Take the Online Training Course

    Your first step is to complete the Single Ceremony Marriage Officiant Training Course. It takes about half an hour, so block out the time and get it done!

  • 2 Complete the Application for a Certificate of Permission to Perform a Single Marriage

    Once you pass the quiz you will have to complete the Application for a Certificate of Permission to Perform a Single Marriage. The application includes a page that needs to be completed and signed by the couple in the presence of a notary public. You will have to coordinate with the couple to have them complete the affidavit.

    You will also have to sign the third page in the presence of a notary as well.

  • 3 Submit the Completed, Signed, and Notarized Application

    Once the application is complete, mail the original to the:

    Clark County Clerk's Office
    Attn: Marriage Officiant Processing
    201 E. Clark Avenue, Box 551604
    Las Vegas, NV 89155-1604
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    Las Vegas Permanent Status Application Instructions

  • 1 Complete the Application for a Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages

    The Permanent Status Application is intended for residents of Clark County, Nevada. This is a simple three page application. The last page will require you to sign it in front of a notary public.

    Once the application is completed, signed and notarized, submit it to the:

    Clark County Clerk's Office
    Attn: Marriage Officiant Processing
    201 E. Clark Avenue, Box 551604
    Las Vegas, NV 89155-1604
  • 2 Submit to a Background Check

    Once your application is submitted and approved you will have to submit to a background check. This will incur an additional filing fee.

  • 3 Take the In-Person Training Course

    After you have passed your background check you will receive instructions on how to sign up for the Officiant Training Course. The course is 90 minutes and covers all the legal aspects of your duties as a wedding officiant in Las Vegas.

    This course is only available to Clark County residents. Classes are held at the Clark County Government Center located at 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89155. The course covers the roles, requirements, and responsibilities of wedding officiants in the state of Nevada.

    After successfully completing the training course you will have the authority to officiate weddings in Las Vegas.

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    A final reminder, plan ahead and allocate plenty of time for the Clark County Clerk to process your application. You will be notified by the Clerk once your application is approved. Your name will then appear in the Nevada Secretary of State Marriage Officiant Public Search.