St Louis County, Missouri

Where to file for a marriage license and minister licensing requirements in St Louis County, Missouri.

For the Couple

The following information is for couples who want to file for their marriage license in St Louis County, Missouri

Marriage License Info

Cost: $48 - 62

Waiting Period: None

Expiration: 30 Days

Return: 15 Days from Wedding

Marriage License Issuing Office

St Louis County Clerk
41 S Central Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63105-1719

Phone: (314) 615-7041
Official Website - Google Maps - Goverment Office Information

For the Minister

The following information is for AMM ministers who want to know what the minister licensing requirements are in St Louis County, Missouri

Minister Licensing Summary

Minister Licensing Requirements: No Minister Registration Required *

Minimum Minimum Age: 18 Years

Minister's Residency: Irrelevant

Same Sex Marriage Recognized: Yes

Minister Licensing Office

* There are no state laws requiring the registration of ministers, however in the past county registrars have asked our ministers to present proof of ordination.

If you have any concerns, please contact the county office responsible with issuing the marriage license to the couple.

Minister Licensing Steps

In Missouri no laws exist requiring ministers to register with any government office in order to perform marriage though all wedding officiants must be at least 18 years of age. Same-sex marriages are recognized in Missouri.

The only step you need to take to have the legal authority to perform marriage is to become an AMM minister. Our ordination is free and does not expire. You do not need prior ministerial experience and we welcome people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Although there is no legal requirement for ministers to register with the Missouri government, in the past certain County Clerk's offices have asked our ministers to produce documentation verifying their ordination.

We encourage you to speak with your local government registrar and you can find their contact information below:

St Louis County Clerk
41 S Central Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63105-1719

Phone: (314) 615-7041
Official Website - Google Maps - Goverment Office Information

Please be aware that government workers are prohibited from giving anything that may be construed as legal advice. As such they may provide indirect answers if asked pointed questions. Regarding the legality of performing marriage, the most important question to ask is "I am an AMM minister. Will you dutifully record the completed marriage license if I officiate the wedding and the marriage license has been properly completed and returned within the timeframe specified by the State?".

Though not required, we encourage you to order your Missouri Minister Licensing Package. Your Minister Licensing Package contains everything you could possibly be asked to produce by any County Clerk in Missouri, including your Ordination Certificate and Letter of Good Standing.

Standard shipping for all orders is 3-10 business days, depending on where in the country your package is being shipped. We also offer expedited shipping methods in case you are on a tighter timeline.