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Blood, Guts & Gore: British Couple Celebrates Zombie-Themed Walking Dead Wedding Ceremony

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Monday, Dec. 17th, 2018

What started out as a joke between two fans of AMC’s hit TV show "The Walking Dead" quickly turned into an unconventional and inspired wedding ceremony, replete with zombies, brains, and gallons of fake blood spilling down the aisle. 

“We had both been married before and done traditional ceremonies, so we wanted to do something completely different,” the groom told us. “Initially we joked about it but when we thought in more detail, we realised how it could be.”


Chris and Anabell on their wedding day, in full zombie makeup.


Words are Powerful – Creating a Wedding Ceremony that Suits the Couple

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Tags: traditional weddings, ceremony feel

Friday, Dec. 14th, 2018

In previous articles, we have talked about how to create a “religious feel” in the wedding ceremony that matches the couple’s own spiritual disposition. But what about the “standard pieces” of the ceremony, like the end-of-aisle question or the pronouncement?   

Do the words used really matter?

They do! When performing a wedding ceremony, every piece of the ceremony contributes to the overall feel, and is a reflection of the couple. Plus, most folks have already heard their fair  share of invocations , vow exchanges and other standard parts of a wedding ceremony, so they will be wondering, “How are Matt and Rita going to do theirs?” ...(continued)

New York Times Features American Marriage Ministries in Article about Online Ordination

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Tags: online ordination, about AMM, news

Thursday, Dec. 13th, 2018

You know you are doing something right -- hopefully not wrong -- when the New York Times features you in a story, and that’s exactly what happened to American Marriage Ministries today! 

An article in the New York Times titled, “How to Officiate Your First Wedding (and Why You’d Want To)” by San Diego-based journalist Whitson Gordon told readers that, “You don’t need to go to seminary to officiate a wedding. In fact, depending on where you live, it may take only a few clicks of a mouse.”...(continued)

Writing Tips: It’s Personal… Putting the “You” into a Wedding Ceremony

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Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 2018

We hear all of the time that one of the main reasons couples ask their friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony is because they want the ceremony to be personal. And many couples figure that no one can make their ceremony more personal than a good friend or a close family member.

In many instances this is true, however, some couples and their officiants still find it hard to get that “personalized” feel, when they sit down and start writing the wedding ceremony. Here are some tips to help you get past that obstacle. 



5 Tips for Including Pets in Your Wedding Ceremony

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Monday, Dec. 10th, 2018

We’re a 50/50 split between dog-people and cat-people here at AMM, but one thing that we all agree on is that there is most definitely a place for pets in wedding ceremonies. If you’re a pet person, you’ll know that your fur baby  is part of the package deal. They are an important part of your life, so it makes sense that they would have a role in your wedding day. Plus, you know the photos will be adorable...

But weddings can be loud, unfamiliar, and distracting, especially for your pup, so it’s important to prepare properly. 

We asked around the office, and the following tips represent the combined both pet-ownership and wedding ceremony planning experience of the staff here at AMM.