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Will we all be replaced by virtual wedding officiants?

Published: Tuesday, May. 19th, 2020

“Siri, you may now pronounce the couple husband and wife…” With states like New York allowing virtual weddings, it’s not completely crazy to ask, “will virtual wedding officiants start officiating wedding ceremonies?”...


Attempts to gut the United States Postal Service will destroy small businesses, Join AMM in fighting for small businesses!

Published: Monday, May. 18th, 2020

There are very few federal undertakings that inspire confidence these days, and plenty that are cause for concern. As lawmakers bungle their way through a financial and social catastrophe that has crippled this great nation, disaster capitalists are salivating at the prospect of finally getting their hands on the crown jewel of the federal government -- the United States Postal Ser...

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12 Popular Wedding Ceremony Components – (almost) everything you might want to include in your wedding ceremony and more!

Published: Wednesday, May. 13th, 2020

Asking a friend or family member to perform your wedding ceremony is only the first step. After that moment of agreement comes the critical work of preparing the wedding ceremony… which means deciding what should be included, and in what order. And with wedding plans changing so much these days in response to the COVID-19 shutdowns, friends and family are stepping up like never before...

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These states are where you can - and can't - get married online

Published: Monday, May. 11th, 2020

Headlines might have you thinking that Zoom weddings are legal across the country, but we're not quite there... yet....


Illinois allows Zoom wedding ceremonies, and they’re letting couples file for licenses online too!

Published: Thursday, May. 7th, 2020

Virtual weddings (Zoom, Skype, Facetime ect.) are now allowed in three states in the US, suggesting that a paradigm shift in the wedding industry may be underway. Starting May 1, 2020, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker issued an order giving couples the right to apply for their marriage licenses and solemnize their marriages via video conference. While only the third state to explicitly allow su...

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California allows couples to obtain marriage licenses and solemnize marriage via video conference

Published: Friday, May. 1st, 2020

Golden State wedding officiants can now perform Skype weddings!

California has joined New York as one of the states that will allow couples to obtain their marriage license online and get married via video conference – but only for the next 60 days....

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Skype, Zoom, Livestream: Virtual Wedding Ceremonies Defined

Published: Wednesday, Apr. 29th, 2020

With crowd restrictions and business closures putting a forcible halt to wedding plans, couples are quickly looking to the innovative concept of the virtual wedding ceremony as the solution to their Coronavirus wedding woes....

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Minister Q&A on Officiating a Safe, One-of-a-Kind Wedding Ceremony During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published: Monday, Apr. 27th, 2020

Sean Kelley recently got ordained and performed a special, socially distant ceremony for his father outside of an assisted living center - all so that his 92-year-old grandmother could be physically...


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