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Thinking of Walking Down the Aisle Alone? We Asked Former Brides how they did it…

Published: Friday, Nov. 30th, 2018

We recently received an email from a bride who was planning her ceremony and wanted to walk down the aisle alone, and asking for our advice. Since it wasn’t the first time we’ve been asked that question, we figured this is a discussion worth having here on American Weddings, so here goes. We’re always interested in hearing from you, so make sure to follow us on social m...

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Blindfolded Guests Experience Wedding Ceremony from Bride’s Perspective

Published: Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2018

It’s not often that a wedding ceremony concept leaves us speechless, but Robbie Campbell and Stephanie Agnew’s Nov. 25 nuptials reminded us just how powerful each couple’s lives and experiences are. In Stephanie’s case, she’s blind. To help their guests understand what this meant to them, and how she experiences the world, the cou...

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Get the (Wedding) Party Started Right With a Great Ceremony!

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 2018

The wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the wedding celebration, from the entrance of the bride to the start of the cocktail hour and reception  - when the real party kicks off!  If you have ever been to a wedding with a great ceremony, you probably noticed that the guests left the ceremony and carried those feelings of love and joy into the reception - and well into the...

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Your Religion, My Religion, or No Religion - Make Sure Your Officiant Knows!

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 21st, 2018

The bride might have been smiling, but everyone knew that she was deeply uncomfortable with the language used by the wedding officiant. And as the ceremony went on, the audience felt her discomfort, and they, too, grew increasingly uncomfortable. Despite the fact that the wedding was being performed by her uncle, it was clear that his religious language was making the bride, an atheist,...

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Three tips for planning a WTF (Wedding that Fits) Wedding Celebration

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20th, 2018

Weddings are expensive and it’s important to remember that after the guests have gone home, you’ve still got bills to pay. Life goes on. There’s a reason that DIY weddings are so popular these days.  Couples want a wedding that is less expensive, and yet, still reflects who they are. ...

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Having the Talk: How to Tell a Compelling Story During Your Wedding Ceremony

Published: Monday, Nov. 19th, 2018

Telling your story is the key to creating a memorable wedding ceremony, but many couples struggle to translate their love and shared experiences into words. You might be one of them. To help couples, American Marriage Ministries (AMM) has expanded its online tools to make this task a meaningful yet easy part of wedding preparati...

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A Wedding Officiant's Guide to Performing Destination and Cruise Ship Weddings

Published: Monday, Nov. 19th, 2018

Despite the many trends that come and go, destination weddings will always appeal to couples planning their nuptials. It might have been half a century since Hawaii Weddings first became popular, but many couples still fantasize about having their wedding take place on a tropical beach somewhere far away, toes in the sand, with a balmy breeze carrying their vows to one another above the soun...

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Thanks for reading “American Weddings” AMM’s publication that’s all about Wedding Ceremonies

Published: Friday, Nov. 16th, 2018



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