About the AMM Wedding Helper

A tool to prepare for performing marriage!

The AMM Wedding Helper is a free tool available to our ministers that helps prepare them for performing marriage.

Signing up for the AMM Wedding Helper is easy. Once ordained you will be automatically directed to your minister profile page. Scroll down and complete the form titled "AMM Wedding Helper".

Prepare for Performing Marriage

State Marriage Laws Quiz

The State Marriage Laws quiz covers all the marriage laws pertaining to minister licensing and handling of the marriage license. This is a good test to ensure that you understand your local laws and requirements.

Wedding Ceremony Quiz

The Wedding Ceremony Quiz covers the wedding ceremony structure and the minister's role in the ceremony, making sure that you know what is expected of you as a wedding officiant.

Wedding Ceremony Builder

The wedding ceremony builder is a great tool for composing your wedding ceremony. Using our template, you can put together a nicely formatted wedding ceremony script, including any cues, readings, or parts. This is a great tool if you are officiating your first wedding or a wedding pro.

Minister Licensing

We provide all relevant info for government minister licensing requirements and include the steps you need to take in states where minister registration is required.

For states where minister registration is required, you can confirm with us that you successfully registered with your local government office.

After officiating the wedding, you can take extra steps to confirm that you solemnized the marriage:

Confirm Performing Marriage

Marriage License Filing

Although in most states it is the couple's responsibility to return the marriage license. You can confirm with us that the marriage license was completed and returned to its issuance office as required by state law.

Share Your Wedding Pics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload pictures of the wedding ceremony. Not only is this a great way to confirm that you performed marriage, but it also serves to demonstrate to other potential ministers that they too can perform marriage.

Share Your Experience

We encourage you to share a few words about what it was like officiating the wedding of a friend or family member.

The weddings you confirm with the AMM Wedding Helper demonstrates to others that they can also perform marriage for a friend or family member!

Since launching the AMM Wedding Helper in 2012, our minister have registered: 35,614 weddings
across the US

Registered Weddings
10+ 1,000+

205 AMM Ministers that have signed up for the wedding helper are performing marriage this week!

AMM Ministers Performing Marriage this Week

The Wedding of:Whitney and Mark

Married in:Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Married on:July 22nd, 2015

Daniel Allen Kessler's Profile Picture

Officiated by:Daniel Allen Kessler

The Wedding of:Summy, Ivonne I and Mr. Ivonne

Married in:Harris County, Texas
Married on:July 22nd, 2015

Brian  Buzby's Profile Picture

Officiated by:Brian Buzby

The Wedding of:Ana and Lazaro

Married in:Davidson County, Tennessee
Married on:July 22nd, 2015

Maria Judith Mendoza's Profile Picture

Officiated by:Maria Judith Mendoza

We respect your privacy. If you would like to take advantage of the Wedding Helper but do not want to make any of the wedding information public you can set the wedding to private. When a wedding is set to private, we will not show any of the details associated with the wedding anywhere on our site.

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